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Badge grain Gebbers Cattle

Pasture raised, grain finished Black Angus from Brewster, Washington

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49 hours

The Gebbers family raises extremely well-marbled beef. But this isn't the "grain-finished" beef you find in the supermarket -- no, this is far better. The Gebbers graze their cattle on forest and rangeland grasses, and then let them fatten up on a tasty combo of grains, apple pomace from the orchards, and corn and alfalfa that they grow themselves.

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$149.00 Tender Lovin' Share

Only 1 left

If you love tender cuts of beef, then this share's for you. Indulge yourself, or give the perfect gift for your favorite craft meat connoisseur. This share includes two 12oz Tenderloin Steaks, 2 lbs of Tenderloin Steak, and 2 lbs of premium ground beef.

$119.00 Thick Cut Strip Steak Share

Only 2 left

These New York Strips are tender and delicious, and 30 percent thicker than our usual cuts. This share includes two 16oz New York Strip Steaks, 1.5 lbs of Shoulder Steak, 16oz of Denver Steak, and four thick and juicy 1/2 pound premium burger patties.

$119.00 NY Strips n' Sirloin Sampler

Only 13 left

This share gets you the best cuts of the sirloin. Four delicious and juicy NY Strip steaks, along with sirloin tip steaks that will be perfect for your favorite rub. Your grill will thank you. This share includes 3 lbs of New York Strip Steak, 16oz of Sirloin Tip Steak, and 2 lbs of premium ground beef.

$79.00 Flat Iron 6-Pack

Only 1 left

The flat iron steak is a great value and well-marbled. Also called a butler's steak or oyster blade steak, this share comes with five pounds of beef: 6 half-pound flat iron steaks and 2 pounds of premium ground beef.

$89.00 Tri-Tip Share

Only 2 left

This triangle-shaped cut of beef has long been a staple of the Santa Maria barbecue scene, and is typically coated with a simple dry rub and cooked to medium-rare over oak wood. It's delicious. This share includes a 2.5 pound Tri-tip, a 3.5 pound Rump Roast, and 2 lbs of premium ground beef.

$49.00 Round Steak Mix

Only 5 left

Steaks from the round, or hindquarters, of the beef are lean by nature. Braise or slow cook these Round Steaks for maximum flavor and tenderness. This share includes 6 lbs of Round Steak.

$79.00 Premium Ground Beef 12 Pack

Only 17 left

Ground Beef is the versatile king of meats, and customers tell us all the time that ours is the best. That's probably because like all of our other cuts, it's made from 100% dry aged beef. You can shape it into patties or meatballs, but it's delicious no matter what form it takes. At 17 percent fat, our quality Ground Beef comes packaged in 1-pound portions. This share includes 12 lbs of premium ground beef.

$84.00 Burger Patties (24 Patties)

Only 5 left

Perfect for backyard barbecue season, these pre-formed patties are made from dry aged beef and are ready to go. Be careful though, they're so good, you might swear-off all other burgers after trying them. Each patty weighs about 8 ounces, with two patties per package. This share includes 24 thick and juicy 1/2 pound premium burger patties.

$84.00 Lean Ground Steak 12 Pack

Only 7 left

Our flavorful Lean Ground Beef is made from dry-aged Chuck and Round Steak, with only 7 percent fat. You get a leaner ground beef without sacrificing the rich flavor you expect. This share includes 12 lbs of lean ground beef.

$59.00 2 Pound Bone-in Ribeye

À la carte

Only 5 left

(Approximately 2 lbs) Want to impress your friends and family at the next backyard barbecue? Or maybe you just want to indulge yourself. Either way, pack your appetite for this impressive, dry aged, 32-ounce Rib Steak. The thick-cut, well-marbled behemoth is sure to fill you up bite after mouthwatering bite.

$23.00 Tongue

À la carte

Only 1 left

(Approximately 2 lbs) If you've had it you probably love it. Tongue is hearty, healthy and delicious. Tacos de Lengua is a very popular way to prepare this cut.

$8.00 Chuck Eye Steak

À la carte

Only 4 left

(Approximately 0.625 lbs) Cut from the 5th rib of each cow, the Chuck Eye Steak takes after its Ribeye Steak cousins for tenderness and marbling.

$15.00 Skirt Steak

À la carte

Only 1 left

(Approximately 1 lbs) Skirt Steak is a long, flat cut, and is full of flavor. It cooks quickly, and is often sliced up and served in fajitas.

$19.99 Top Sirloin Steak

À la carte

Only 31 left

(Approximately 1 lbs) Considered one of the high-end cuts of beef, Top Sirloin is lean, tender and full of flavor. Includes 2 half-pound steaks.

$48.00 Sirloin Flap Steak

À la carte

Only 3 left

A traditional bistro steak, this cut comes from the bottom sirloin and is a thin cut, perfect for taking on marinade and grilling. Also known as a bavette steak.

$12.00 Sirloin Tip Steak

À la carte

Only 12 left

(Approximately 1 lbs) The sirloin tip steak is a butcher's secret - a great value cut that comes in limited quantities. This steak is very versatile, and can be quickly seared or grilled with your favorite rub or marinade. Includes 2 half-pound steaks.

$51.00 Chuck Short Ribs

À la carte

Only 1 left

Short ribs are great slow cooked. This beautiful 4-bone slab of short ribs is just waiting for your smoker or dutch oven.

$102.00 Brisket (Packer Cut)

À la carte

Only 1 left

This is the whole, or "Packer Cut", Brisket. Brine it, season, and smoke it for deli-style pastrami, or smoke it for Texas-style barbecue.

$8.00 Premium Ground Beef

À la carte

Only 154 left

(Approximately 1 lbs) Ground Beef is the versatile king of meats. You can shape it into patties or meatballs, and is delicious no matter what form it takes. At 17 percent fat, our quality Ground Beef comes packaged in 1-pound portions.

$9.00 Lean Ground Steak

À la carte

Only 12 left

(Approximately 1 lbs) Our flavorful Lean Ground Beef is made from dry-aged Chuck and Round Steak, with only 7 percent fat. You get a leaner ground beef without sacrificing the rich flavor you expect. It comes packaged in approximately 1-pound portions.

$9.00 Burger Patties

À la carte

Only 37 left

(Approximately 1 lbs) Perfect for backyard barbecue season, these pre-formed patties are ready to go. This share includes two patties, and each patty weighs about 8 ounces. These quality burgers are simply delicious.

$7.00 Shank

À la carte

Only 4 left

The Shank comes from the leg portion of the animal. When cooked slowly at a low temperature, it yields one of the most flavorful cuts. It's the ideal cut for beef bourguignon, and can also be used in stews and casseroles.

$30.00 Sirloin Tip Roast

À la carte

Only 1 left

The Sirloin Tip Roast is economical and lean. Roast it in the oven until medium-rare or medium, and slice it up thin for tender, delicious roast beef.

$13.00 Chuck Roast

À la carte

Only 1 left

Cut from the shoulder region, the Chuck Roast is perfect for a slow cooker with potatoes, carrots and other veggies you love in your pot roast.

$22.00 Top Round Roast

À la carte

Only 2 left

Slow roast the Top Round, or put it in a slow cooker, and slice it into perfect roast beef sandwiches. This piece of beef is lean, but flavorful.

$17.00 Shoulder Roast

À la carte

Only 2 left

Whether you choose stove-top simmering, slow cooker heating, or oven roasting, our Shoulder Roast will come out savory and delicious.

$20.00 Rump Roast

À la carte

Only 1 left

Whether you're prepping tender roast beef or savory beef stew, our Rump Roast will start you off with the right ingredient for a delicious meal.

$9.00 Beef Stir Fry Portions

À la carte

Only 1 left

Our juicy, tender beef, pre-cut into convenient stir-fry-sized pieces. Just add your favorite veggies and sauce, and sauté up a quick and delicious meal.

$8.00 Stew Beef Portions

À la carte

Only 43 left

Cut down on prep time with our pre-trimmed beef perfectly sized for beef stew. With your favorite braising liquid and aromatics, you'll have a savory dish the whole family will love.

$9.00 Soup Bones

À la carte

Only 11 left

Simmer to create nourishing, delicious broths and demi-glazes. Or make your dog very, very happy with these grass-fed Soup Bones.

$3.00 Liver

À la carte

Only 5 left

Beef Liver is loaded with vitamins and is packed with nutrition. Liver is tender with a rich flavor, and is popular as a pate. There's a reason why your mother wanted you to eat it.

$4.00 Kidney

À la carte

Only 4 left

Beef Kidney can be slow-cooked into a unique and flavorful dish on it's own, or as part of that British classic, steak and kidney pie.

The Farm

Gebbers Cattle
Gebbers Cattle

Gebbers Cattle is a 5th-generation cattle farm located in Brewster, Washington. The family first moved to Washington state for its rich timber industry, and quickly added cattle farming to their expertise.


Gebbers raises 100% pure Black Angus, and the cattle spend their entire lives on the farm grazing lush forest and meadow grass, and munching on a mix of grains, including nutrient-rich corn silage raised on-site. With a commitment to using only the best practices around, Gebbers gives their cattle ample room to graze, never using growth hormones or unnecessary antibiotics. The result is healthy cows that produce beautifully marbled beef.

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What makes Gebbers beef special?

Gebbers Cattle Co. is part of Gebbers Farm, one of the largest fruit orchards in the country. Their cattle get a diet of stuff that's grown within 35 miles of their pastures -- a combination of grains the Gebbers purchase, and fruits and vegetables they grow on-site including alfalfa, apple pomace, and corn. The herd is never given growth hormones, and antibiotics are used only on an as-needed basis -- none of that "subtherapeutic" medicine stuff found on factory farms.


Everything that grows at Gebbers Farms is reused. Fruit trees no longer bearing fruit are converted to wood chips, and added to a mixture that also includes overripe fruit and manure. This mix is turned into mulch and fertilizes the orchards as well as the corn fields. This one-of-a-kind approach makes for healthy cows started on grass and finished on energy-rich grain to produce delicately marbled beef.

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How does buying beef through Crowd Cow work?

First off, you won't be charged anything unless we raise enough money and the cow "tips." At that point, your credit card will be charged and we'll handle the rest.

The meat is dry-aged for approximately 14 days to enhance tenderness and flavor, then processed into steaks, roasts and ground beef.

Next, your cuts are individually packaged in single-serving sizes and flash frozen at the peak of freshness in airtight cryovac packages designed to lock in freshness and ensure a long shelf life in your freezer.

Finally, we deliver to your door for a flat fee, no matter how many shares you buy.

Our steaks are individually vacuum sealed and flash-frozen to lock in freshness.

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How much space in my freezer?

You won't need to buy a new freezer to purchase through Crowd Cow.

Buying Direct

You can order as little or as much as you want, but a typical order is 6 to 9 pounds of beef -- enough for a large dinner party. A typical family of four will go through this in about a month.

Our standard steak share is a little bigger than a gallon of milk. Even your freezer -- packed with frozen pizzas and forgotten leftovers -- can squeeze that in.

A typical refrigerator's freezer compartment has a total capacity that could pack between 100 to 150 lbs of meat.

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Our Mission

Crowd Cow brings you the very best meat, from the happiest cows, at an affordable price.

We believe you should know where your meat is coming from. We want people to enjoy healthy, delicious beef while honoring the animals and ranchers that make it possible.

By connecting consumers directly with small, independent farms, everyone wins.

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