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Deborah de Corral

Miami , FL | Culinary
deborahdecorral   YouTube

Deborah is a singer, songwriter, and chef. As a proud Argentinian, her favorite thing is to gather people around a fire, open a few bottles of wine and grill the best beef she can get her hands on! She currently lives in Miami where she is about to open her first restaurant-- Tigre.

Who inspires you?

Chefs and artists who won't compromise their vision.

What is your most memorable meal?

Atelier Crenn,San Francisco (by Chef Dominique Crenn). It was magic!

What is your greatest accomplishment?

I've done a lot of things I'm proud of in my many careers. As a singer and songwriter, I was nominated to a Latin Grammy, but now I'm devoted to making people happy through food. Hopefully my greatest accomplishment is yet to come!

What is on your bucket list?

Travel to Japan (amongst many other things)

What's your morning routine?

Definitely NOT a morning person :)

What's the one thing in your kitchen you couldn't live without?

My knife collection!

Vanilla or chocolate?


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