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Farm Dogs with Farm Jobs

Caitlin Postal
By Caitlin Postal - Steak, scotch, and the line where the sky meets the sea.
Tailing the tractor at Pasturebird

Farm work is no cakewalk. Farmers are up early every day and work until well after the sun goes down each night. Life on a farm means working on birthdays, holidays, and only taking a vacation if you have a trusted companion who can care for your animals while you're away.

But there is a bright spot in the lives of these farmers (well, other than their extreme passion in raising the highest quality craft meats and caring for the land they're on!): farm dogs. These four-legged farm hands have jobs on the ranch and we're lucky enough to know the sweet pooches at many of our partnered ranches.

Dogs are humans' best friend, as the old adage goes, and that couldn't be more true than with farmers and their dogs. Constant companions through the long hours, year after year, these dogs are invaluable family members with jobs that can include guarding livestock, herding animals, providing pest control, and generally all-around multipurpose tasks. Guarding, herding, and all-around helping makes these dogs part of the hardworking team that brings you the very best craft meat!

Here at Crowd Cow, we love these dogs and we're lucky to even have an office dog who spends each day with us! To celebrate our beloved farm dogs, we've collected a few of our favorite photos of life on the ranch for these sweet, sweet pups.

Tipper keeping watch at Harlow Cattle Company
Lounging around at Triple A Cattle Company
Taking a quick break from watching the flock on the pastures of Big Bluff Ranch
A litter of puppies at Marksbury Farms
Paw-trolling pastures at Long Story Farms
Between duties at Alexandre Family Farms
The team at KD Piedmontese
A moment's respite at Redger Farms
Getting some love at Rockside Ranch
Watchdog in the Pasturebird pastures

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