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Farmers Market Quality, Grocery Store Prices

Local New York Beef

The rich pastures of the Finger Lakes in Upstate New York produce some of the country’s best beef. When you purchase meat from a New York farm, you are directly supporting the local economy - rewarding outstanding family farms for supporting animal welfare - and lowering your carbon footprint. Become a part of the local movement and purchase local grass-fed beef.

New York Bundles

New York Farms

"Quality of the meat is stellar, you work with great farms with a wide variety of cuts"
— Sonya R. of New York, NY

Buying Local Tastes Better

Over 86% of meat in this country is produced by 4 companies who employ massive feedlot processes to achieve low prices but compromise on flavor, nutritional value, the environment, and animal welfare. Our independent farms in New York are committed to superior flavor and humane practices, and by working directly with these farmers and skipping the overhead of retail, you’ll have unbeatable prices for this extraordinary meat.

Shake Shack

Shake Shack, the New York legend is a huge supporter of local beef. When they opened a Shack in Seattle they turned to Crowd Cow to make their signature local burger — the Montlake Double Cut — with higher quality meat and a smaller carbon footprint.


Jaymee Sire, New York native, former ESPN host and proud Crowd Cow ambassador is living life, traveling, writing, and eating great local food. You can learn more about her on Instagram - @jaymeesire.

Walking Farm Section

When we look for a local farm - we walk it. We get to know the farmer and their process. We do this for all our farms, so you can be sure you're getting the best local meat.