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Take the guesswork out of your meal planning. Get ground beef delivered to your doorstep with our ground beef subscription. Choose between Grass-Finished, Grain-Finished, or Both, and we’ll send you our 14 day dry-aged ground beef from our network of quality-focused, family-owned farms, from cows raised especially for steak. We should probably just call it “ground steak.”

Each box will include 12 lbs of premium ground beef of the type you select.

Most Popular Choice

12 lbs of dry-aged ground beef delivered to your door. This is not your grocery store ground beef! This ground beef comes from cows from small farms raised especially for steak.

$6.25 / lb
same as above but from farms with grass-finished ground beef
$6.58 / lb
same as above but from farms with grain-finished ground beef
$6.58 / lb
+ $12.99 shipping per delivery
First Shipment Estimated Delivery: March 12th
Your Second Shipment will be The Week Of Thursday, June 6th


The ground beef was incredible ! I grew up in Kansas City, Missouri raised on red meat and its been years since I've had beef with that taste and texture. Looking forward to our next order.

Craft Ground Beef Elevates Burgers or Bolognese

Subscription FAQ

Simple Weeknight Recipes

Fear not! You can adjust your schedule at any time.

We will not overload you with meat. A couple of days before we schedule your subscription shipment we'll let you know it's coming so you can easily reschedule if you're not quite ready. We wouldn't want any of this delicious ground beef to go to waste. Not that it would; it's that good.

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