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Win a $350 Messermeister Knife Set

Submit your best haiku about wagyu on social media for the chance to win Messermeister's Mu Bamboo Knife Set (Chef Knife, Paring Knife, and Slicing Knife) valued at $350.

cropped MU bamboo (1)

Messermeister Mu Bamboo Chef Knife
Made in Seki, Japan, this knife is highly versatile, forged from high carbon, molybdenum vanadium steel and features a carbonized treated bamboo handle.

Messermeister Mu Bamboo Paring Knife
The paring knife is the 2nd most often used knife in the kitchen and many home chefs have 3-4 in the drawer.

Messermeister Mu Bamboo Slicer
The Messermeister Mu Bamboo 10" Slicer has a narrow spear point fine edge blade and is a useful tool for medium to large slicing tasks.

To qualify for the contest:

  • Write a haiku in the traditional 5-7-5 syllable format
  • Haiku must reference Crowd Cow, Wagyu or Messermeister
  • Haiku must be submitted on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter
  • Your post must tag #crowdcow and #messermeister
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