Crowd Cow • March 28th, 2017 • Paleo • 2 minute read

The Beef Brand Paleo Followers Love

By John M.

A little over two years ago I switched over to the paleo diet. I’d always lived my life on the chubbier side. Coming from a home with working parents, we usually had fast food for dinner, and unhealthy snacks in the cupboards. For years I wanted to do something about the weight, but couldn’t find anything that worked. I got a wake up call when my dad was diagnosed with diabetes. I knew I didn’t want that to be me.

Sliced Steak

That’s when I found paleo. Eating clean food made sense, and I knew it was something I could stick with. But, I had trouble finding grass-fed meat. Everything I read told me that grass-fed beef was more nutritious, had more omega-3’s, and it was even leaner than standard grain-fed beef. I couldn’t find it in my local supermarket, and realized I’d have to go to a high-end butcher to get what I wanted.

Rib Steaks

But then, a friend introduced me to Crowd Cow. I realized there was a website where I could pick exactly the beef I wanted and be sure it was completely grass fed. They spell out exactly what farm the beef comes from and how it’s raised, so I was confident I was getting grass fed beef. I could order as many steaks or ground beef as I wanted, and have it shipped direct to me.

Crowd Cow makes sticking to paleo really easy.

Steak Salad

I’m not someone that loves to cook, so the fact that everything comes in individual, vacuum-sealed containers makes it easy to take out of my freezer and defrost when I want. I love that I can slice up a steak and put it on a salad with avocado, or I can cook up some ground beef with chopped onions and have some broccoli on the side. Crowd Cow makes sticking to paleo really easy.