6 Lbs Ground Dry-Aged Steak + Greek Freak Rub

6 Lbs Ground Dry-Aged Steak + Greek Freak Rub

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Crowd Cow has partnered with Spiceology to bring you this exclusive promotional offering. For a limited time, get our premium ground beef and a jar of the freshest spices ever from Spiceology.

Greek Freak rub invokes memories (and flavors) from delicious Mediterranean cooking. Incredible for: beef or chicken kebabs, meat marinades, substituting for italian seasoning. Ingredients: Spices, salt, garlic, onion, orange peel, tomato, chili pepper, yeast extract, parsley, sunflower oil.


Frozen at peak freshness, your vacuum-sealed meat arrives in our cutting-edge, biodegradable, recyclable packaging.

That Wagyu was life changing. No joke.

David A. of Seattle, WA

16 orders from Hutterian Farm, Harlow Cattle Company, Sena Sea and 7 more farms

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