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Where they won the Wagyu Olympics. We met with farmers and tasted their Wagyu. We loved it so much, we’re bringing their Japanese A5 Wagyu Trimmed Brisket Flat back to you.
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Japanese A5 Wagyu Trimmed Brisket Flat

Japanese A5 Wagyu Trimmed Brisket Flat

Smoke it How You Like

Perfect for the backyard smoker, a barbecue competition or a Michelin star restaurant.

Don’t be intimidated. Okay, you’d be crazy not to be a little cautious about how to approach such an exquisite cut, but we’ve got you covered. We did our research, and even partnered with award-winning pitmaster, author and barbecue-guru Steve Raichlen to put together a full how-to as well as an extensive Q&A to cover all the questions that you may have. Believe us when we say you can totally do this, and that it will be more than worth your while. In fact, we found that the amazing marbling of Japanese Wagyu makes this brisket more forgiving and in many ways easier to prepare than your standard not-sure-what-farm-it-came-from grocery store brisket.

Q: Wagyu packs so much flavor — do I need seasoning?
A: While the flavor of this Japanese Wagyu can stand on its own, freshly cracked black pepper is a great compliment. It is important to salt the trimmed brisket before cooking, letting it dry-brine about 1 hour per pound as a general rule (or overnight). The higher level of fat means more salt is needed, so don’t be afraid to season liberally! As always, salt to taste after slicing to enhance the umami-richness and buttery flavor.

Q: Given Wagyu is insanely marbled, will my Japanese A5 Wagyu Brisket purge excessively? How much of my Brisket will I lose due to fat?
A: Custom-trimmed Wagyu brisket flats are portioned to about 4 to 7 pounds and should fit on any smoker, grill or outdoor cooking device. After taking the point off, these flats have been trimmed to remove any excess fat cover — so you should expect to lose less fat and enjoy more brisket! It’s estimated that you should lose up to 20% of weight due to purge.

Q: How should I avoid flare-ups while smoking my Japanese A5 Wagyu Brisket?
A: The ideal equipment for this is an offset smoker. If not, a 2-level fire smoker will work if you’re cooking with coals. The goal here is to not have fat drip onto coals causing temperature spikes, so we recommend placing a tray underneath to catch any excess grease.

Q: What is the best way to cook it?
A: When the cooking equipment has been at temp for 30 minutes, put the unwrapped Brisket on the grate on a section that isn’t directly over the fire. Close the lid and maintain ambient temps of 200 to 225°F. When the internal temp of the Brisket breaks the 170°F mark, remove the Brisket from the smoker and wrap in pink or peach butcher paper. Put back on smoker — again, not directly over the coals. Bring the heat up to 225, but no hotter than 250. Continue to cook until the internal temp of the Brisket is 180 to 195, then immediately shut all openings of the smoker. Partially unwrap the Brisket and if you shake it gently, it should jiggle.

Q: How long does it need to rest?
A: Let it sit for 1 more hour in the cooling smoker (the Brisket will still be cooking internally and increasing in temperature during this time). Remove the Brisket (still wrapped) and put it in a cooler or insulated container for up to 3 hours. If you’ve wrapped it, be very careful not to spill the drippings everywhere — you can save the tallow for frying veggies!

Q: I’d love to share my smoked Japanese A5 Wagyu Brisket with my friends — how many servings will it provide?
A: Japanese A5 Wagyu Brisket is a treat to share. This cut will go far since it’s much richer than your average Prime Angus brisket. About 8 oz is the recommended serving size.

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Kagoshima Farm

A5 wagyu from japan
Kagoshima, Japan
No unnecessary antibiotics
A5 wagyu from japan • Legendary
Kagoshima, Japan
No unnecessary antibiotics • Hormone-free
A5 Wagyu from Japan. Its intense marbling and rich taste will send your umami sensors soaring while it literally melts in your mouth. This is some of the most sought-after beef in the world, curated from the best producers we can find and brought directly to your kitchen table.

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