Coulotte Steak

Coulotte Steak

Incredibly popular in Latin American cuisine, the Coulotte is often roasted over an open fire. In Brazil, the entire Coulotte is called Picanha and is widely regarded to be the most prized cut on the animal, even compared to the tenderloin. At Crowd Cow, we take the triangle-shaped cap from the top sirloin and cut it into steaks, making it a quick dinnertime go-to. A leaner, less expensive version of the NY strip, the deep-red Coulotte Steak is out-of-this-world delicious with its rich, beefy flavor and delicate softness.

A cut this beefy flavored and tender doesn’t require much preparation. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at just how delicious a Coulotte Steak tastes when seasoned solely with salt and fresh ground pepper. Although the leanness of this cut is ideal for a good dry rub, particularly one that will create a savory crust.

Cooking Tips
It's a steak, cook it like one! Heat a cast iron pan or grill until it's RIPPIN hot and sear for 1-2 minutes per side. Finish over indirect heat, or in the oven to the desired temp. It’s lean so try and keep it around medium-rare 130-135 degrees (The USDA recommends steaks reach an internal temperature of 145 degrees). Allow it to rest for a few minutes, so the juices redistribute, ensuring tender, succulent results. Pair with veggies and potatoes for an instant classic, or dress with a bold sauce, like au Poivre or a bordelaise, for a whole new experience!

Why We Love It
Coulotte Steaks are a Crowd Cow favorite — our co-founder Joe recently named the Coulotte one of his favorite budget cuts on Instagram. These tender steaks are a great value with versatility and full-flavor while being as easy to prepare as a NY Strip. Coulotte Steaks are perfect for a last-minute dinner when you’re short on time but equally worthy of playing the starring role at your next dinner party.

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Cottonwood Ranch

Black angus
Pasture-raised, grain-finished
Front Royal, VA
No unnecessary antibiotics
Black angus • Pasture-raised, grain-finished
Front Royal, VA
No unnecessary antibiotics • Hormone-free
At Cottonwood Ranch on the edge of the Shenandoah Valley, the Angus herd grazes through forest and pasture, and is given an extra snack of GMO-free brewer's mash from a nearby craft brewery. Brewer's mash -- made of hops and barley -- is a byproduct of the beer production process that would be wasted by the ton if it weren't put to use by ranchers and their cows. The mash adds a malty, molasses flavor to this craft beef, plus great marbling.

Frozen at peak freshness, your vacuum-sealed meat arrives in our cutting-edge, biodegradable, recyclable packaging.

That Wagyu was life changing. No joke.

David A. of Seattle, WA

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