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Icelandic Arctic Char

Icelandic Arctic Char

Rich, Buttery and Delicately Flakey

Arctic Char has a rich buttery taste, due to its high fat content, closely comparable to a sockeye salmon. Its flavor profile falls between trout and salmon, with flesh that ranges from light pink to deep red. Its skin is thin and delicate, making it easy to crisp. Overall, it’s a versatile fish that lends itself well to sautéing, baking, or grilling - making it perfect for a variety of delicious seafood recipes.

Arctic Char Fish Taco Recipe

  1. Cut into four pieces.
  2. Season with salt.
  3. Fry taco shell on dry pan, 10 secs on each side.
  4. Fry Arctic Char on high for 2 minutes each side.


Soy and Miso Arctic Char Recipe

  1. Cut Arctic Char in half.
  2. Add soy sauce, water, and miso paste in a bowl, and whisk.
  3. Marinate Arctic Char for 20 minutes.
  4. Fry on high for 3 minutes on skin side.
  5. Fry on high for 1 minute on flesh side.


The Top 1%

Whether it's a farmer or a fisherman, we know them all by name — only working with the very best to bring you the most incredible meat and seafood.

Matorka Aquaculture

Seafood raised in sustainable aquaculture
Sustainably raised
Grindavik , Iceland
No unnecessary antibiotics
Seafood raised in sustainable aquaculture • Sustainably raised
Grindavik , Iceland
No unnecessary antibiotics
Matorka is powered completely by clean geothermal energy — one of the main energy sources in Iceland — and the water they use is pumped through a gravity-flow system, making Matorka a leader in sustainable practices. Their feed is also sourced locally from neighboring Icelandic fisheries, further reducing their carbon footprint.

Frozen at peak freshness, your vacuum-sealed meat arrives in our cutting-edge, biodegradable, recyclable packaging.

I'm so happy that you guys created this and that I found it. It is such an easy way to get amazing quality beef and the prices are great. Plus I'm trying some cuts that I never would have otherwise.

Marie H. of Seattle, WA

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