Pastured Chicken Wings

Pastured Chicken Wings

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Ready your favorite marinade, because pastured chicken wings are here to elevate your grilling game! You’ll impress friends and family with the best wings they've ever had. *We'll* know it was the chicken, but you and your sauce can take all the credit.

Compared to conventional chicken:

  • 21% less fat
  • 50% more vitamin A
  • 3 times more Omega 3

Pasture-Raised Chicken


Frozen at peak freshness, your vacuum-sealed meat arrives in our cutting-edge, biodegradable, recyclable packaging.

Keep up the good work fellas because you have ruined me forever now for buying the best beef I've eaten in two decades. I won't ever buy in the grocery store again.

Carla H. of Albuquerque, NM

44 orders from Sena Sea, Gebbers Wagyu, Kyle Farms and 14 more farms

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