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Picanha, also known as the Top Sirloin Cap or Coulotte Roast in the U.S, is triangular in shape and known for its thick fat cap, which renders out and bastes the meat as it cooks. This hard-to-find cut is especially popular in Brazilian Churrasco and is typically sliced into 1-1.5 inch individual steaks, skewered into half-moons, and grilled. Because it's cut from the top of the rump, a muscle that does little work, Picanha is exceptionally tender and juicy.

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Rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars
Royal Ranch Hero Royal Ranch Hero
Royal Ranch Farms

From the Columbia Basin, Royal Ranch offers tender, flavorful beef with unmatched marbling. The Allreds' commitment to regenerative, carbon-neutral ranching results in beef that has an unbeatable taste.

Sustainable Excellence

Austin Allred's farming legacy began with his grandparents, who started growing apples, cherries, and potatoes in the 1950s. Now, Royal Ranch spans 5,000 acres in Central Washington, balancing traditional crops with dairy and beef cattle to improve soil and lower emissions. The farm features a unique six-acre worm bed system, purifying and recycling irrigation water. With these combined efforts, Royal Ranch has achieved carbon neutrality, ensuring a sustainable future for both the land and the planet.

See why Royal Ranch is a customer favorite

Royal Ranch Farms steaks - absolutely delicious. Lean and tender, fresh and clean, yet so flavorful with good balance of sweetness and beefy-ness.
Yuko H.
Royal Ranch Steaks have blown our minds with tenderness and flavor. Will never buy steak in a store again. Tenderness and flavor are unbeatable, even from an old fashioned butcher store, no comparison!
Michael B.
Love the cut, size and how well it soaks up seasonings to make it such a succulent mouthful with each bite.
Lorene J.
Absolutely amazing. Tasted as if it was served from a top steakhouse! Will order again.
Rhoda S.

Ethical Care for Superior Beef

From the moment of birth, Royal Ranch's cattle remain under the attentive watch of the Allred family, providing them with unparalleled insight into their care. The ranch employs a high-quality feed comprising nine key ingredients—significantly more than the usual three—for optimal nutrition. This approach ensures that the cattle maintain their health naturally, without resorting to artificial hormones or unwarranted antibiotics. Coupled with a low-stress environment, the cattle are allowed to grow at their own pace, in harmony with nature, resulting in the distinct marbling for which Royal Ranch's beef is celebrated.

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Farm Transparency

Austin and his wife Camille acknowledged the existing disconnect between the farm, the consumer, and all aspects of the food production process. Driven by their desire to offer customers a genuine understanding of their food's origins, they founded FarmTracer — a comprehensive farm transparency system. This platform empowers consumers to learn more about their food choices, from the farm's location and the animals' diet to the product's carbon footprint. By simply scanning the QR code on the packaging, customers gain access to a wealth of information, ensuring complete transparency and traceability.