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Organic, 100% Grass Fed

Panorama’s Organic Grass-Fed Ground Beef makes for some of the juiciest burgers and meatballs you can find. Because it’s grass-fed, this beef is healthier, too. Compared with grain-finished beef, it has 60 percent more omega-3, has twice as much Vitamin A and E, and is leaner with less saturated fat. Comes packaged in 1-pound portions.

Rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars
Cooking Instructions
Cooking methods
Grill, Bake, Pan-Sear
Wine pairings
Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah
One of my favorite basic recipes is simple beef tacos. Start by browning the ground beef in a large skillet over medium-high heat. Drain any excess fat and then stir in the taco seasoning. Soften your tortillas in a dry skillet over medium-high heat and then fill them with the beef mixture, shredded cheese, and your favorite toppings. Enjoy!
Flavor Profile
This Premium Ground Beef is incredibly fresh and flavorful, with a deliciously rich, beefy flavor and a wonderfully smooth, juicy texture. It's the perfect choice for burgers, tacos, or any other dish that calls for ground beef. Our Premium Ground Beef is sourced from sustainable producers and raised in the best possible manner to produce the highest quality.
Chef's Serving Suggestions
Ground beef can be the star of a dish or a supporting player, but no matter what, it's always delicious. A few of our favorite creative preparations, toppings and recipes for ground beef include: -Fajitas: This classic Mexican dish is always a hit, and is easy to prepare with ground beef. Just sauté some onions and peppers, and then add the ground beef. Serve with tortillas, shredded cheese, sour cream, and salsa. -Burgers: Who doesn't love a good burger? You can get creative with your burger toppings, or keep it simple with just cheese and bacon. -Meatballs: Meatballs are a great way to use ground beef, and they can be prepared in so many different ways. Serve them with pasta and sauce, or make a meatball sandwich with some delicious toppings. -Shepherd's Pie: This classic British dish is perfect for cold winter days. It's made with ground beef and potatoes, and is topped with cheese and a delicious brown gravy.
Panorama Organic

100% grass-fed organic beef spanning more than 700,000 acres of USDA Certified Organic grasslands

Nourishing People

Panorama Organic's grass-fed and pastured meats come from animals never treated with antibiotics or hormones, and who graze on organic and non-gmo pastures, eating the diet they’ve evolved to eat. The result is nutritious and delicious protein for eaters concerned about their health.

Restoring the Planet

Panorama Organic believes agricultural practices that restore and regenerate the land, water, soil, and wildlife are critical to building a more livable Earth. Their farms and ranches adhere to strict organic, non-GMO, and regenerative protocols for a healthier planet. Every one of their partner ranches is Certified Bird-Friendly by the Audubon Conservation Ranching Initiative.

Caring for Animals

All of Panorama Organic's animals are bred, born, and raised in the U.S.A., and their ranchers care for their animals with the highest standards of animal welfare. Animals graze open pasture, living content lives in harmony with their natural instincts.

Vitalizing Rural Communities

American farms and ranches are the engine driving rural economies. We
make sure our rancher partners earn a fair return for the exceptional products they deliver to our customers so they can maintain sustainable businesses that contribute to and strengthen their local communities.