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Wagyu Cross

Tomahawk Steaks are a delight for both the eyes and taste buds. These steaks are known for their tenderness, exquisite marbling, and deep buttery flavor that comes off the bone while cooking. With an exciting and unique look, these cuts will surely be the center of attention at your next dinner gathering.  

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Jack's Creek
Award wining free-range Australian Wagyu renowned for its high marbling and refined texture

Award Winning Australian Wagyu

Jack’s Creek Wagyu Cross beef is a gold-medal winner across all available categories (fillet, sirloin, and ribeye steak) at the 2022 World Steak Challenge.

The combination of Wagyu, renowned for its high marbling, and Black Angus, for its strong beefy flavor and consistency, has resulted in Jack’s Creek developing a program to produce the finest quality Wagyu Cross beef, available for home cooks as well as high-end restaurants. We are proud to provide each customer with our beef guarantee: tender and juicy beef, full of flavor with every bite.

Animal Welfare Certified

We place the greatest importance on the welfare of the cattle under our care and that of our supplier partners. Australian beef producers are renowned for their stewardship and the quality of the cattle and beef they produce, and Jack’s Creek works with the best of these producers. Our supply chain is underpinned by Australia’s National Livestock Identification System and Livestock Production Assurance program, with feedlot partners recognized under the National Feedlot Accreditation Scheme. Out processing partners are certified under the Australian Livestock Processing Industry Animal Welfare Certification System. These programs ensure independent oversight of welfare outcomes, and lifetime traceability.

Free-Range, Sustainably Sourced

Producing consistently outstanding marbled beef is the result of low stress cattle handling in a clean and natural environment, together with extensive experience throughout the entire supply chain. All Jack’s Creek Wagyu Cross beef products have no added hormones and antibiotics are limited to therapeutic use. Our free-range breeding program is supported by a transition period in smaller paddocks as the cattle acclimatize to grain rations before moving to our feedlot partners. Our own grain-growing operations provide a key input for the backgrounding stage.

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