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Tri-Tip Roast

Tri-Tip Roast


Region | The Tri-Tip Roast, cut from the bottom of the sirloin on a natural seam, sits between the top sirloin and round primal. Full of flavor and highly versatile, the Tri-Tip has a wide grain similar to flank steak or Bavette, but with more tenderness. Lean and full of rich, beefy flavor, the Tri-Tip is a quick-cooking weeknight wonder.

Preparation | The intense flavor of this cut is perfect for a tender, weeknight roast or as the weekend star of mouthwatering BBQ. Seasoned with salt and pepper or bold, Latin spices, the Tri-Tip won’t disappoint. While a wet marinade will add a ton of flavor to the wide grain, too acidic a marinade will chemically cook the meat, stealing the natural tenderness, so handle with care.

Cooking Tips | The Tri-Tip allows for variation in seasoning and application, but one thing's a must — cook it hot, dry and fast. It's just like cooking a steak. First, build flavor with a pan-sear, then finish in an oven or grill. For medium-rare, aim for an internal temperature of 130-135° F. The size of the cut determines the degree of carry-over cooking and resting time. We recommend allowing for at least 8-10° of carry-over cooking and a standard resting rate of 5-minutes per inch of thickness.

Why We Love It | While some parts of the country send this cut to the grind bucket, the Tri-Tip is celebrated in West Coast barbecue. Its tenderness and bold flavor make this cut a big winner for a number of meals. Make it an easy, weeknight star of Beef Roast with Herbed Vegetables or add some flair to Taco Tuesday with indulgent strips of juicy, sliced beef.

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Westmore Pastoral Farm

Grass-fed, grass-finished
Marawah, Tasmania
Angus-hereford • Grass-fed, grass-finished
Marawah, Tasmania
Antibiotic-free • Hormone-free • GMO-free

The west coast of Tasmania is one of the best grass-growing regions in the world. All along the western coast are rugged mountains, wild forest, and inhospitable land — with the exception of the northwest coast, home to Westmore Pastoral.

The rare combination of a temperate climate and frequent rainfall means the Westmore herd always has fresh paddocks of lush perennial grasses perfect for year-round grazing. Owned by the Greenham family, Westmore Pastoral stretches over 8,500 acres of Tasmanian paradise just outside Marrawah.

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