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Born to be a “pasture artisan”

Kathy Panner always loved to work with animals, and decided early on that she wanted to be a farmer. So, 35 years ago, she started Cedar Park Grazing in southern Oregon, raising antibiotic-free lamb on grass. Today, Kathy has come to think of her job as “pasture artisan.” Whether it’s planting stands of trees for shade, or using ash to balance the pH level in the soil after a heavy rain, the great flavor of Kathy’s award-winning lamb has a lot to do with healthy pastures.

Cedar Park Grazing

Grass is Nature's Flavor

Kathy Panner manages her southern Oregon farm thoughtfully, taking such good care of the fields that a diverse ecosystem of grasses grows year-round. Her lambs — watched over by two faithful guard llamas, Maxi and Spit — graze on alfalfa along with cool-season grasses like ryegrass and plantain, which contribute a delicious, mild taste. As Kathy will tell you, having plentiful natural forages on the farm is important because, in her words, “grass is nature’s flavor.”

Award Winning Lamb

At Cedar Park Grazing, Kathy Panner raises grass-fed lamb that is mild and refined in flavor — a rare and delicious treat if you love grass-fed meats. It made some local waves in Seattle recently when the head chef at Seattle’s favorite Indian restaurant, Nirmal’s, won the annual “Lamb Jam Competition” using Cedar Park Lamb. Raised entirely on grass pasture and Oregon-grown alfalfa, Kathy’s lamb is a treat you can now have for dinner in your own home.

Frenched Rack of Lamb

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