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Eat It or Heat It

Grab a spoon and enjoy this cookie dough straight out of the pint or throw it on the baking sheet — this dessert is edible, bakeable, and perfect for when your sweet tooth hits you. Egg-free and safe to eat raw, Doughp cookie dough has 6 key ingredients, plus a few extra toppings blended in. That means no crazy preservatives or things you can’t pronounce — just basic baking staples you’d have in your own kitchen. By the spoonful, the dough is smooth and creamy, and when baked, produces a flatter cookie with the perfect chew. From classic chocolate chip to s’mores and rainbow sprinkle, this versatile treat is a must-have for your freezer.

Doughp Cookie Dough Bowl

Breaking the Stigma

Kelsey Moreira’s path to business ownership started on her journey to sobriety. She struggled with alcoholism, and when she decided to get sober in 2015, started baking as something meditative and soothing to focus on. She wanted a recipe that was edible, and found a great egg-sub that made her cookie dough safe to eat. With a decade of experience in product marketing, she took the leap into entrepreneurship and officially founded Doughp in 2017 — continuing to share her story in hopes of inspiring others. Today, mental health and addiction awareness is a founding principal of the company, with a portion of every Doughp sale going to SHE RECOVERS, a non-profit supporting and empowering women in or seeking recovery.

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