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Healthy & Humane

Mary’s Free-Range Organic Chicken is produced by Pitman Family Farms — a family-owned business that has been raising poultry for three generations. They’ve built their own hatchery, use local grains, and humanely raise their chickens on ranches in sunny California. GAP-3 certified, all chickens have access to the outdoors with shade and enrichments, like added bales of straw for pecking and eucalyptus tree branches for playing and hiding. Chickens are fed an organic soy and corn blend with no animal by-products, no antibiotics and no growth hormones. They are also the first in the industry to be non-GMO project verified. By raising chickens the old-fashioned way, birds are happier and healthier, which ultimately leads to a more flavorful and nutritious product for you.

Pitman Family Farm

Chicken Nuggets & Strips

If there’s such a thing as elevated chicken nuggets, these are it. Their katsu-style breading is made with panko and coconut oil, an allergy-friendly option for those sensitive to soy and peanut products. Chicken is also hand-cut instead of chopped and pressed, which means you get real chunks of whole chicken in every bite. Hand-breaded in small batches, this product has an even coating that crisps up perfectly in the air fryer or oven, and that doesn’t fall off in the bag or when baking. Use them in wraps or salads, or enjoy them as is with your favorite dipping sauce.

Chicken Nuggets

Air-Chilled for Superior Quality

Most chicken you buy has been water-chilled, which cools chickens by submerging them in a large tub of icy chlorinated water. Some of that water is absorbed into the bird, which adds unwanted chemicals to your chicken, literally waters down the flavor, plus adds water weight (that you end up paying for!). Mary’s chicken, on the other hand, uses air-chilling for superior quality — a process that cools chickens individually. This is cleaner, saves 30,000 gallons of chlorinated water every day, and leads to a better-tasting bird. Air-chilled chicken doesn’t have added water, so it crisps up better, has a more tender texture, and is more flavorful.

Pitman Family Farm Chickens


Gifting Made Easy


Let them choose just what they want this holiday. Crowd Cow gift cards look great, ship for free, and feature a personalized gift note. For last-minute gifts, check out our convenient e-gift cards. We make it easy to give good food.


Find the Perfect Gift


Give a gift that your friends and family will truly enjoy. We’ve partnered with our farms to create amazing gift boxes that you can feel good about giving.