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PrimeWaters Seafood

From the shore to your door, PrimeWaters sustainable seafood is sourced from some of the best waters around the world.

A Source You Can Trust

From the icy depths of Norway to the pristine coast of Chilean Patagonia, PrimeWaters sources delicious, premium quality seafood from some of the best waters around the world. Every product they offer is raised in the most sustainable ways possible and third-party certified to ensure eco-friendly, responsible practices are used in every aspect of their aquaculture management — whether it’s their ASC Certified Salmon or their Certified Organic Mussels. Raised entirely without the use of hormones or antibiotics and frozen at peak freshness to lock in quality, this is sustainable seafood you can feel good about. Enjoy a healthy, mouthwatering meal from sources you trust, from the shore to your door!

Cooked Primewaters

What does ASC-Certified mean?

The Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) is a well-respected organization that certifies environmentally- and socially-responsible farmed seafood. To gain the ASC stamp of approval, farms must exemplify eco-friendly and responsible aquaculture practices, meeting a high set of standards developed through a transparent stakeholder-driven process. These standards help protect the surrounding ecosystems and biodiversity, set stringent controls for the use of antibiotics, reduce the use of pesticides and chemicals, proactively prevent fish escapes and combat the spread of illness and parasites between farmed fish and wild fish, among other pushes toward sustainability. The ASC also protects the social rights and safety of those who work on the farms and live in the local communities.

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