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A Healthy & Delicious Choice

Milder than the Sockeye or Coho varieties with 2,300 mg of omega-3s per 4 ounce serving, Atlantic Salmon is a healthy source of protein for you and your family. Its light, buttery taste gives it endless possibilities of flavor pairings — it’s delicious alongside a variety of sauces or salsas; simply seasoned with oil, sea salt and cracked pepper; or even smoked on a cedar plank. No preservatives or salt are added; all fillets are simply frozen at peak freshness to ensure the very best taste and texture.

Cooked Salmon
Sustainable Atlantic Salmon Raised Right

From Beyond the Fjords of Norway

Sourced from the icy waters of Norway, our Atlantic Salmon supplied by PrimeWaters are raised without antibiotics in an aquaculture system nested in the sea, ensuring a pristine habitat of constantly moving icy waters. The free-flowing marine waters keep the fish healthy, active and stress-free, contributing to the clean taste and flaky texture they’re known for. We’ve handpicked eco-friendly, low-impact farms that are ASC-certified to bring you the very best fish from the region — so high quality and consistency are guaranteed. This is sustainable seafood you can feel good about.

Shore to Door Traceability

All Atlantic Salmon from PrimeWaters can be traced to a single-origin seafood farm and you can learn more about where your fish came from and see the exact location of the farm just by scanning or entering the QR code included with each salmon order. We’re taking strides forward in traceability, removing the barriers of uncertainty when it comes to the food you put on your table, so you know your seafood was raised ethically, cleanly and sustainably.

Primewaters Nets

What does ASC-Certified mean?

The Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) is a well-respected organization that certifies environmentally- and socially-responsible farmed seafood. To gain the ASC stamp of approval, farms must exemplify eco-friendly and responsible aquaculture practices, meeting a high set of standards developed through a transparent stakeholder-driven process. These standards help protect the surrounding ecosystems and biodiversity, set stringent controls for the use of antibiotics, reduce the use of pesticides and chemicals, proactively prevent fish escapes and combat the spread of illness and parasites between farmed fish and wild fish, among other pushes toward sustainability. The ASC also protects the social rights and safety of those who work on the farms and live in the local communities.

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