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Exclusive Finger Lakes Flavors

Noticing the absence of premium beef in his local market, Jeff Rosenkrans positioned his farm to fill the gap with a feeding process exclusive to the Finger Lakes region and an impeccable traceability standard.
To maximize marbling and give his beef a subtle nutty flavor, Rosenkrans’s Angus-blend graze on native grasses of Rye, Red Clover, Timothy and Orchard Grass for most of their lives, and then they are finished on an organic ration of grain - a mix of corn, malt, barley, and minerals. 70% of this grain mix is produced on Jeff's farm, and the rest of the ingredients are locally sourced from farms in the Finger Lakes region - making this feed unique to Rosenkrans’s pasture-raised, grain-finished Angus-Hereford beef.

Farm Practices

In an effort to yield consistent quality, Jeff partnered with a veterinarian to track every single cow on his farm. Every cow’s specific genetic information is documented and transferred whenever a cow is bought or sold through Rosenkrans Ranch. This traceability standard ensures the quality you're expecting when you buy beef from Rosenkrans Ranch.

Besides his mission to drive new standards in the craft beef market, Jeff Rosenkrans looks forward to passing on a successful farm to his kids.

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