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Fuller, richer and bolder flavors are what you can expect to find in this 100% grass-fed American Plains Bison. Raised on native Texas prairie lands without any antibiotics or hormones, this hardy animal is a healthy red meat option, oftentimes compared to beef in taste and texture but with many more added health benefits. Also known as American Buffalo, Bison is rich in protein, iron, zinc and other vitamins and minerals — a healthy and lean alternative that can easily be added or substituted into your weekly rotation because of its mild flavor and versatility.

Southwest Bison - Bison

From Beef to Bison

The Y Ranch of the Texas rolling plains has been in the farming business for over 120 years, ever since the first generation was wrangling longhorns for the railroad in the late 1800s. After many years working in the cattle commodity system, they wanted to change directions for the future of their farm and decided to turn to a new kind of herd: American Bison. Bison, it turns out, are great animals for soil management, and, in combination with a new regenerative agriculture plan, shifted the ranch into something more sustainable. Today the ranch utilizes non-continuous grazing revolving around a solid drought plan to manage their land, aiming to return the tall and shortgrass prairies to that of pre-colonial times.

Southwest Bison - Bison on Pasture

True Soil Managers

Bison play an instrumental role in soil and land management on Y Ranch, helping to control woody plant encroachment from yuka and Red Berry Juniper trees (which also absorb most of the rainfall and can negatively affect the pastures). Bison love to eat yuka, and will actually eat the buds of this plant in mid-May for a high-protein snack — weakening it so it can’t re-seed. They also “horn up” and eat their roots to eliminate regrowth. Additionally, Bison uniquely help manage the juniper trees when they rub on the branches and trunks to help get rid of their winter wool. This causes branches to break and emit a sap, which makes the tree burn better when clearing out. This cyclic, holistic plan ultimately keep lands healthy without any kind of mechanical disturbance or chemicals — ensuring better pastures for years to come.

Southwest Bison - Bison in Field

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