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Pasture Artisan

Umpqua Valley Lamb is a partnership of two farms located in Oregon's Willamette Valley, managed by Mike Atherton and Kathy Panner, both farmers have over 30 years experience raising antibiotic-free lamb on grass. Upmqua Valley Lamb puts an emphasis on stewardship of the land and consider their craft “pasture-artisan”. Whether it’s planting stands of trees for shade, or using ash to balance the pH level in the soil after a heavy rain, the great flavor of Umpqua Valley award-winning lamb has a lot to do with healthy pastures.

Lambs Grazed in Wine Country

Oregon’s Willamette Valley has become a global center for pinot noir wine. And at one pinot vineyard, Upmqua valley lambs dotting the steep-sloped hillsides, helping to keep the grasses trimmed and the ecosystem healthy. Raised entirely on pasture grass, this mild-flavored lamb is perfect seared over high heat to medium-rare and served with red wine — preferably a Willamette Valley pinot.

Grass is Nature's Flavor

As these farmers will tell you, it’s harder work to raise lambs on a grass-only diet, but it pays off with a deliciously mild flavor. Umpqua Valley lambs graze on alfalfa along with cool-season grasses like ryegrass and plantain. According to Kathy panner, and Umpqua Valley Lamb farmer, having plentiful natural forages on the farm is important because “grass is nature’s flavor."


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