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Deeper, Richer Flavor

Known for its smooth texture and mild, well-balanced flavor, Anderson Ranch’s 100% grass-fed beef hits high culinary marks from the first bite. The quality of the beef is a direct result of their ranching practices — natural, humane and with herd health at its core. They use a longer feeding regime, so cattle build up their musculature and fat deposits over time. This in addition to low-stress handling means healthier, happy herds and ultimately a better-tasting product for you. It doesn’t have any “gaminess” but still boasts the deeper, richer complexities that grass-fed beef lovers adore.

Anderson Ranch - Fields

The Modern-Day Cowboy

Anderson Ranch is set on a sprawling 500,000 acres in central Wyoming and cattle share the land with a variety of native species, including sage grouse, elk, deer, antelope and even one of the largest herds of wild mustangs. Riding on horseback or ATVs — truly the modern-day cowboys — ranchers keep a close eye on the herds and tend to the pastures as needed. Maintaining the natural environment is paramount, which is why Anderson uses a rotational grazing system, moving cattle about four times a year, to keep impact to a minimum.

Anderson Ranch - Pasture & Water

Natural & Stress-Free

Cattle graze freely on a mixture of sedge, Junegrass, Brome, Fescue, wheatgrass and other natural grasses to the area, with supplemental alfalfa hay in the wintertime. Trees line the riverbanks that cut through the land, which offer windbreaks and protection from the elements all year long. This stress-free way of living helps herds grow healthy and strong, always without use of unnecessary antibiotics or hormones.

Anderson Ranch - Pastures

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