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Crowd Cow is a unique marketplace that places the spotlight on high quality, sustainable independent cattle ranches, to help them reach more consumers and sell more beef.

As consumers, we enjoy exploring the breeds, practices and unique history of each ranch, and demand to have a more direct and transparent connection to the beef we consume. Crowd Cow enables this more direct connection between customer and supplier.

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How Crowd Cow Helps Producers

Crowd Cow Handles Marketing, Sales, Tech and Logistics for Small Farms:
"Crowd Cow offers us the ability to sell directly to the consumer without actually having to do it ourselves. They let cattle farmers be experts at raising cattle, and they take on the effort and cost of marketing, sales, technology and logistics. It absolutely reduces our total costs when we don't have to worry about these things."
Crowd Cow Helps Producers Earn More Money:
The best comparison to what they Crowd Cow is creating can be seen in the craft beer market. If you are on the east coast you can easily get beer from the Chicago, DC, or Baltimore regions, including their specialty beers, but if you head over to California you’re less likely to find Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA. For those in California, they get the coveted Pliny the Elder, with little to no distribution elsewhere.

Just the same, Crowd Cow is not just acting as the distributor for locally and sustainably raised beef, it’s generating revenue for the little guys and gals.
Crowd Cow Places the Spotlight on Producers:
After Bob Engle selects the animals and hauls them to Puget Sound Processing, his job ends and Crowd Cow’s social media marketing begins.

In a video featuring Bob Engle and his uncle, Len Engle, Crowd Cow emphasizes the family’s history, the farm’s location on the historically-preserved and picturesque Ebey’s Landing, and how the cattle are raised.

The herd is kept inside a long sprawling red barn on Hill Road during the winter to keep them dry, healthy and robust, Bob Engle explained.

“It’s better for feed efficiency,” he said. “They burn up all their food just trying to keep warm outside.”

The result?

“Steers that live calm, comfortable lives and eat well throughout the year,” states Crowd Cow’s pitch for Engle Family Farms. “You can say they’re fat and happy. And that makes beef tender and delicious.”

“We don’t sell Crowd Cow, per se,” Lowry explained. “We sell Engle Farm. When we’re getting it from different farms, there’s different marbling and different flavors. The farms cultivate a following on Crowd Cow.”