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The Independent

Why Farmers Are Trying to Turn 'Craft Beef' Into the Next Craft Beer

Favouring small-scale and independent farms, the term "craft beef" captures the move away from factory farming and subsequent rise of sustainable meat production, championing a more consumer-friendly product that is both environmentally and ethically-friendly.

The movement is pioneered by an American company called Crowd Cow, founded by close friends Joe Heitzeberg and Ethan Lowry, who also co-founded Urbanspoon.

May 24, 2018

The TODAY Show

Give the gift of food: Order bacon, chocolate and more for your friends and family - (video)

The perfect gift for the steak-lover in your life, this share includes a dry-aged, 32-oz. bone-in rib-eye, thin-cut Korean-style short ribs, and thick and juicy burger patties all sourced from a single one of Crowd Cow's independent farms.

Dec. 12, 2017

The New York Times

Grass-Fed Beef, Sold One Cow at a Time

"'I felt like there was more flavor coming to the table,' Timothy Enns, a biotechnology executive in Pleasanton, Calif., said of the beef Crowd Cow sells. 'It’s a very high-quality product.' Loren Taylor, of Ocean Shores, Wash., has ordered several times from Crowd Cow, and enjoyed the beef from Sweet Grass Farm. 'My favorite is the Wagyu,' Ms. Taylor said. 'That meat is awesome. You can definitely taste it.'"
Jan 17, 2017


How Crowd Cow Is Bringing Artisanal Beef From Farm To Table

"Crowd Cow sells one animal at a time, only processing orders once all the parts are spoken for and the animal is “tipped.” The website displays multiple photos of cattle grazing in picturesque open fields, with text telling the farms’ stories."
February 27, 2017


This Startup Lets You Buy a Cow With Strangers on the Internet

"Introducing the newest member of the sharing economy: cow-sharing startup Crowd Cow. A Seattle-based startup has made it possible for you to buy a cow with strangers on the Internet. Here's how it works: You would go on the crowdfunding platform to watch an informational video about a cattle ranch and learn how a cow was raised. Then, you select the cuts you would like to buy. The various cuts are called “shares,” making you a “steakholder” in the individual cow."
March 7, 2017

The Guardian

Raising the steaks: the Seattle startup crowdfunding sustainable beef

"Crowd Cow works directly with ranchers across the US, cutting out the middleman and giving farmers an alternative to selling calves to factory farms. If crowdsourcing makes you think of fundraising campaigns for smartwatches and wine coolers rather than sustainable food, you’re not alone. But a new Seattle-based startup called Crowd Cow is hoping to change that."
Jan 21, 2017

Food & Wine

Crowd Cow Will Now Sell Wagyu Beef Directly From Farm to Customer

"When it comes to the world’s best steaks, Japanese Wagyu beef stands above the rest. However, the prized meat, which only became available for export in 2012, is both difficult to find and very expensive to buy as a homecook. Starting tomorrow, though, Seattle-based startup Crowd Cow is changing that by becoming the largest single importer and online retailer of Japanese A5 Wagyu beef in the U.S., which they will ship directly from a Japanese farm straight to your door."
July 11, 2017

Food & Wine

Crowd Cow Sends Grass-Fed Beef Directly to Your Door

"For those looking to purchase high-quality and humanely raised beef, there’s now a very transparent and convenient option, Crowd Cow."
February 28, 2017


Online startup Crowd Cow wants to disrupt the meat market. The stakes have never been higher.

"Not everyone’s lucky enough to be able to haul a month’s supply of beef home in their car trunk after a weekend visit to Montana. And there are still plenty of reasons why we opt for the conventional market for the rest of our animals.

'There’s a lot of places to stub your toe' when it comes to ethical meat, Giacomini tells me. But, he adds, 'I’m really rooting for Crowd Cow to make this last.'"


Crowd Cow Allows You And Your Friends To Buy Parts Of Cow From Small, Local, Independent Ranchers

With an approach that perfectly captures life in the modern Emerald City, Ethan Lowry and Joe Heitzeberg conducted research into their steer-selling partnership by walking up to Starbucks customers and asking: Would you crowdfund beef from a small ranch?

Tech-friendly, food-loving Seattle replied: What’s the URL?

Fox Business

NFL Legend Joe Montana Looks to Disrupt Meat Industry with New Venture

"The former San Francisco 49er and his partners at Liquid 2 Ventures—an early stage venture capital firm—have invested in a Seattle-based food startup called Crowd Cow, which allows customers to buy a cow directly from ranchers using a crowd-funding type approach. 'First of all, I’m a big meat lover and I just like this idea. You get online and you look for meats. There isn’t a lot of competition in the marketplace for something like this in the way they specialize and we believe in the founders,' Montana tells FOX Business."
May 5, 2017

New Day Northwest

High Quality Meats From Independent Ranchers Delivered To Your Door - (video)

Crowd Cow, a Seattle startup, has created a way for people to purchase high-quality meats directly from small independent ranches and have them delivered straight to their home.

By using Crowd Cow, anyone can claim specific quantities and cuts of meat and once all shares of the cow have been claimed, the cow tips and the meat is delivered.

These crowdfunding campaigns for individual cows is the perfect way for consumers to control where their meat is coming from and exactly what cuts they want for great prices.

July 10, 2017

Men's Journal

The Rise of Craft Cows (Crowd Cow)

"If you want to know where your ribeye came from — down to the name of the rancher who raised it and the patch of grass it grazed on — or you don’t have the means to store your cut of 500 pounds of beef, you turn to a service like Crowd Cow."
July 11, 2017


Crowd Cow, Seattle Beef Delivery Startup, Goes National

"On Tuesday, Crowd Cow went national. Up until this week, the service, with cows sourced from Washington ranches, was only available in Washington state and California. After a round of funding earlier this year, Crowd Cow invested in an East Coast distribution center and hiring beef scouts — people who will go out and source high-quality meat around the country.

Heitzeberg and Lowry are veterans of the Seattle tech scene. Heitzeberg arrived in the early 1990s to work at Microsoft and more recently was the entrepreneur in residence at Madrona Venture Group. Lowry was a founder of Urbanspoon (now Zomato)."
June 6, 2017

Ultimate Paleo Guide

Crowd Cow Sends Grass-Fed Beef Directly to Your Door

The demand for high-quality, sustainably-raised meat is at an all-time high.

I think this speaks directly to the growing desire by the mainstream population for sustainably-sourced, high-quality meat.

Crowd Cow wants “everyone to discover and enjoy the very best beef from local ranches and to make the experience convenient and fun.”
June 7, 2017


Have a cow: A new way to buy beef makes its way to DC

"The two founders wanted to bring the quality and transparency that one gets from purchasing meat directly from the farmer to the convenience of an online marketplace. Thus, Crowd Cow was born."
June 14, 2017

Green Matters

Crowd Cow Lets You Buy Meat From Local Farms Without Leaving Home

"No matter what your diet or lifestyle is, many of us are becoming more and more aware of where our meat comes from. Whether meat is part of your daily food intake, or a treat for your once in a blue moon summer barbeques, consumers are steadily looking into how their favorite protein is produced.

From the humane treatment of animals, to providing workers with safe conditions and fair pay, the average buyer is starting to prioritize the ethics behind their burger. Now, Crowd Cow is a crowdfunding delivery service that is hoping to help that cause for those looking to get better meat."
August 29, 2017

Evening Magazine (KING 5)

Seattle's Crowd Cow brings cow sharing to the internet - (video)

"The main reason this is a success story comes down to one thing: taste. We tried steak so tender you can slice it with a fork."


Richards Grassfed Beef in Oregon House wants to be the first CA Ranch to partner with Crowd Cow

"'Busy moms and dads can go online, order their ground beef and steaks and get it shipped directly to their door,' Richards said.

Her ranch wants to be the first in California to partner with, a Seattle-based website that sells beef products directly to custumers. You essentially buy the part of the cow you want and Crowd Cow ships it to your home or office."

ABC10 Sacramento

Startup Crowd Cow wants to bring the farm even closer to your table

"The model is appealing to ranchers like Carrie Richards, who recently moved from Oakland to Oregon House, California, to run day-to-day operations at the Richards Family Ranch. Richards, a fifth-generation rancher, is trying to move beyond wholesaling to reach consumers directly.

'A company like Crowd Cow would increase that retail capability for us, which would be a whole other stream of income for us,' Richards said."


The taste of success: We bite into a Crowd Cow burger as the startup eyes big growth

"Word is out among ranchers, too, as beef suppliers get more familiar with what Crowd Cow is looking for and eventually providing by working with top-notch producers and artisanal butchers."

Seattle Met

Crowd Cow: Changing How Seattle Buys Local Beef

"Cows are raised sustainably on Washington ranches. For example, a pure 100 percent grass-fed wagyu beef from Sweet Grass Farm on Lopez Island that’s a rarity for many as it is almost impossible to find at local markets.

The Crowd Cow website (very easy to use, even on a phone or tablet) tracks the cow tips and how many à la carte cuts are available, while also estimating a delivery time once the cow has been purchased. If this way of buying a staple dietary item becomes your new thing, then you can request to be first in line next time a tipping goes down."

The Seattle Times

Crowd Cow serves up shares of steer

KING 5 News

Seattle startup crowdsourcing cows at local farms

"Co-founders Joe Heitzeburg and Ethan Lowry, who also happen to be software developers, said they had some friends who bought beef from a crowd-sourced cow. They loved the meat but hated the process. So they streamlined and came up with"


Meet Crowd Cow: Tech vets take the mystery out of buying good meat, turn customers into ‘steak holders’

"Crowd Cow removes the mystery by working directly with select Washington ranches that are producing the best possible meat from start to finish. It also brings a high-tech sensibility to the age-old practice of processing and buying meat, taking the crowdsourced funding techniques popular among tech products and non-profit initiatives and applying them to the pasture, instead."


Crowdsourcing cattle: Become a 'steak holder' in your own cow

"There's a growing movement of consumers, particularly foodies who want to know where their food comes from. Crowd Cow wants to appeal to those who are willing to talk about their dining experiences with beef just like with would with a fine bottle of wine or a microbrew."

The Guardian

A bull market? Buying shares in a cow is the latest way to get your beef

"It had to happen at some point. You can use the internet to buy shares in crypto-currencies or to invest in someone having a potato salad for lunch. So, why not to buy shares in whole animals?"

Food Box HQ

Crowd Cow Review: The Most Creative Way To Buy Meat Online?

Since they are super selective about the farms where they source their meat, you can ensure you’re only getting the best with each order. The coolest part about their service, and what sets them apart from most of the competition, is that you can learn all about your meat and where it came from before ordering. You’re not getting that from grocery store meat! It certainly provides you some piece of mind regarding what you’re eating.

The main differences in meat from Crowd Cow, when compared to regular grocery store meat, are taste and flavor. First, the beef we first made with Crowd Cow was incredibly tender and juicy. When eating, my tastebuds could just tell that it was fresher than what I’ve had in the past. It was like the difference between a microwavable dinner and a five-star restaurant.

May 25, 2018