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Exact shipping time varies depending on your location but for many regions can arrive in as few as 2 days. We will give you an estimated delivery date when you place an order. Orders ship in less than 5 business days and take about 1-3 days to arrive. We ship with plenty of dry ice so it will be nice and cold when you get home. We do not offer expedited shipping options at this time. No signature is required for delivery.

Yes! You can change your estimated delivery date before or after you place your order, up until we start packing your box.

Crowd Cow delivers the very best craft meat from the farm to your table. You'll know the breed, how it was raised and you'll get to meet (virtually) the small, independent ranch who produced the meat. You pick the exact cuts you want and we deliver it straight to your door. Claim a share, rally your friends, and become a "steak holder"!

You pick the exact cuts you want, and buy as little or as much as you want. No surprises!

We feature 100% grass-fed, grass-finished beef, pastured grain-finished beef, A5 Wagyu from Japan and more, always from the very best independent "Craft Beef" producers in our network. You'll always know what kind of beef you're getting, who produced it, where and how it was raised. We don't work with industrial factory farms, CAFO or meat brokers (like the other guys). Never have, never will.

Most people order 5 to 10 lbs at a time and have no trouble fitting that into the available freezer space of an ordinary home refrigerator.

We ship everywhere in the USA except Alaska and Hawaii.

Crowd Cow is an event-based service. Depending on what's available from our partner farms, we offer meat from different regions, with different cuts, and at different prices. Since our events sell quickly, and many folks have their favorites, we like to give you a heads up by email when we're launching something new. Learn more about Crowd Cow.

We source 100% of our craft meat directly through independent farms -- never from concentrated feedlots or meat brokers. We shine the spotlight on the producers and their families, and share as much as possible about the breed and how they care for their animals and the environment. When you buy on Crowd Cow, you will always know exactly where your meat came from, who raised it and how it was raised.

Yes. Farmers face a dilemma: either auction off to the industrial meat world at pennies on the dollar, or finishing out their animals on their own at considerable added cost and effort. Crowd Cow helps small producers reach more customers by handling the marketing, support and logistics so their meat can reach many more customers than they can on their own. See

Our hamburger is about 80/20. This is ground beef from animals who are raised to produce steaks. It’s truly unlike any ground beef you’ll find in stores.

Please see Farms and Ranches

Your card will be charged approximately 1 hour after completing checkout. You can modify or cancel your order within that window. Changes made after that time can be requested by contacting Customer Care at and we will do our best to accommodate all requests.

Yes. We use the same secure, 256-bit encrypted payment gateway trusted by OpenTable, Kickstarter, Lyft, Twitter and more. They store your credit card information and are fully PCI-compliant.

We visit countless independent producers and work directly with the select few who we identify as having the highest quality meat and best practices. This typically means multi-generational, family-run farms whose meat is typically only available at specialty markets, farmer's markets, high-end restaurants and here on Crowd Cow.

Dry aging is a natural process that tenderizes the meat, concentrates flavors, and removes water. When you purchase dry-aged ground beef, you’re not paying extra for the water weight found in conventional ground beef (up to 30% of its weight!).

We'll email you to keep you up to date on the event and you can return to the site at any time, sign in and view the status of your order.

Our cuts are individually vacuum sealed in high quality, airtight cryovac packages to lock in freshness and ensure a long shelf life in your freezer. Ground beef and patties are vacuum sealed in convenient, one pound packs. All are fully frozen and packed in an insulated box with dry ice for delivery direct to your door. All of our meat is USDA inspected.

No, you will not need to be home to sign for your package. It will be packed to stay nice and cold for many hours after it arrives. That said, you should plan to unpack it and put it away in your freezer or fridge as soon as possible. After package is confirmed as delivered by the carrier, what happens to it after is your responsibility.

Yes, we provide your choice of delivery status updates via email or text message.

You'll receive the cuts and portions described in each of your selection's descriptions, however the exact cuts and quantities may vary, since the weight of each animal, dry-aging and preparation may result in slight variances.

We're happy to help. Please email or send a text message to (206) 539-0639.

Crowd Cow's meats are featured everywhere from Shake Shack to the Seattle Mariners to Michellin Star Restaurants. If interested in learning more, please email

Yes! You can change how often your subscription ships from the subscriptions section of your account page. Also, you can always postpone or pause a particular delivery if you need to. We’ll send you an email before each box ships.

Cancel your subscription any time by visiting the subscriptions section of your account page (as long as the box hasn’t already shipped). You’ll get a notification before your next box ships so you can make any adjustments.

Your credit card will only be charged for one box at a time. You’ll be charged for your first box about an hour after you subscribe, and then subsequently each time we’re packing another subscription box for you.

While we can’t offer substitutions, you can swap subscriptions or add additional products to your delivery ― and still enjoy free shipping! You can also contact if you need to make changes.

Absolutely! Every subscription shipment will include a packing list of all products with corresponding farms, and all our craft meats are clearly labeled with the name of the farm that produced it.

Your vacuum-sealed, frozen meat will be sustainably shipped in our recyclable and biodegradable packaging. Learn more about our insulation, made from U.S.-grown, non-GMO corn starch.

Meals are defined as 6oz of protein.

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