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Our mission is help people, enjoy healthy, delicious steaks while honoring the animals and ranchers that made it possible.

Your Guide to Frozen Beef
Here at Crowd Cow, we flash freeze our beef and ship it directly to you. Freezing beef is an ideal way to preserve quality and taste. How Long Can... »
How To Fry the Perfect Steak
A perfect steak can sometimes feel elusive. If it’s not cooked just right, it can be tough, dry and even a bit bland. Don’t despair. Follow these... »
Wagyu Cooking Guide
Wagyu is quite simply the very best beef. We've put together this cooking guide to help you get the most out of your Wagyu experience. The goal is... »
How to thaw frozen meat
The best way to thaw frozen meat is by leaving it overnight in the fridge. Although it may not be the fastest way (compared to submerging it in... »
Bringing Wagyu to Crowd Cow
Despite roasting a whole cow in Japan on my 20th birthday, working on a farm in Hokkaido and being a fan of Japanese cuisine, the term "Wagyu" just... »
Sansaire and the Art of Sous Vide
I recently had the great pleasure of cooking up some Gleason steaks from Crowd Cow's first event sous vide style by none other than Scott... »
How to Cook Beef
Here is a quick run-down of recipes and tips so you can fully enjoy your beef. Pro Tips Pro tip 1: Whatever the cut, always let meat rest 10... »
It Begins With Happy Cows
The other day we had the privilege of spending a few hours on one of the most inspiring ranches in the state of Washington, if not the entire... »