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New farm! Windy N Ranch's Organic, grass-finished Wagyu-Angus cross
February 16th by Joe H. • Read 14 times • 1 min read
Fifteen years ago, Greg and Laurie Newhall bought a fertile plot of land off I-90 in Ellensburg, the heart of Eastern Washington’s lush sweetgrass valleys. Their goal then, as now, was simple: They wanted to raise clean, nutritious food for themselves and their community. Since then, their son Bradley and his wife Lisha have joined them; and together the two generations of the Newhall family are running Windy N Ranch, a diversified livestock farm that’s Certified Organic and Animal Welfare approved, and includes Wagyu-Angus cattle, pigs,... Read post
How small farms benefit from Crowd Cow
February 15th by Joe H. • Read 70 times • 5 min read
Small producers in this country often face a tough choice: send their cattle off the auction yard for a cut-rate price, or raise the animals to maturity and take on the often overwhelming expense of marketing, logistics and support to sell their beef directly to eaters. The lure of selling direct is great: farmers could earn a higher price per pound for their meat than what they earn through auction. But there are several challenges for a farmer who wants to sell direct: Marketing challenges. Marketing to customers -- most of whom are in... Read post
Coming soon! Little Shasta: A grass-finished ranch with deep roots in California
January 25th by Caroline S. • Read 182 times • 1 min read
In 1862, Stan Sears’s family settled in mountainous Siskiyou County, California. More than 150 years later, cows still dot the same original property that his family settled. When Stan Sears graduated from Cal Poly in the sixties with a degree in Animal Sciences, he came straight back to the family ranch, and ramped up efforts to expand the farm's acreage and focus on rotational grazing and land preservation. These days, Stan is all about balancing the needs of the grass-fed, grass-finished Angus-Hereford cattle with the needs of the water... Read post
We're working with a new farm! Burke's Garden Farm, an Amish ranch in "God's Thumbprint"
December 1st, 2017 by Caroline S. • Read 1,176 times • 1 min read
If you flew over the remote community of Burke’s Garden in a plane, you’d see a valley spread out below you like a crater in the middle of the Appalachian Mountains. Appalachian Trail thru-hikers who come upon it don’t know they’ve stumbled into a place locals call “God’s Thumbprint” -- they just know they’ve happened upon the most beautiful, secluded vista they’ve seen on the trail yet. Much of Burke’s Garden is covered by Burke’s Garden Farm, an Amish cattle ranch that borrows the name of the town and which Elmer Lapp’s family has been... Read post
Can I cook frozen steaks without thawing? You can (and you should)!
November 20th, 2017 by Joe H. • Read 1,768 times • less than one min read
Wondering whether to let those frozen steaks thaw or cook them straight from frozen? You're not the only one! We get this question a lot. You should cook your steak directly from frozen, every time. It's just better. That's our personal take after preparing countless steaks ourselves -- but don't take our word for it. Cook's Illustrated senior editor Dan Souza did an experiment with 8 frozen New York Strip steaks, cooking half straight from frozen, and the other half after thawing. What he discovered was that the frozen steak 1) cooked more... Read post
We're working with a new grass-finished farm in the Western Catskills
November 7th, 2017 by Caroline S. • Read 481 times • 1 min read
At Slope Farms in New York’s Western Catskills, Ken and Linda Jaffe are raising 100% grass-fed, grass-finished beef on hilly, ridge-top pastures that like much of the land in New England is ideally suited for grazing healthy and happy cattle. Their farm divides the waters flowing into Deleware and Susquehanna Rivers, and grows a mix of lush grasses during the damp summers and cold winters. Ken farms in a way that allows grassland ecosystems to get on with what they’ve been doing for tens of millions of years: growing biodiverse pasture... Read post
Why is "Kobe Beef" so famous?
November 3rd, 2017 by Joe H. • Read 4,820 times • 8 min read
And what are you missing out on if it's the only brand of Japanese beef you know? The term “Kobe Beef” is one of the most famous — almost mythical -- terms in the world of food. It’s also one of the most misunderstood and misused. Outside of Japan, the phrase “Kobe Beef” has become almost synonymous with “Japanese beef” or “Wagyu”, but it's not that simple. Let's break it down. Wagyu = "Japanese beef" Wagyu is just a word that means “Japanese Beef”. There are four breeds of Wagyu cattle that are native to Japan. Of these breeds, there is... Read post
Japan Holds a “Best Beef Olympics” Every Five Years - Guess who won this year?
November 4th, 2017 by Joe H. • Read 5,513 times • 1 min read
It's the Olympic Games you've never heard of. Since 1966, Japan's beef industry has held a nationwide competition every five years to crown the best beef in the country. It's called Zenkoku Wagyu Noryku Kyoshin-kai (全国和牛能力共進会) but it's known also as "The Wagyu Olympics." There are 11 prize categories, one of the more interesting of which measures the quality of the fats (looking for things like the health-promoting and umami-generating oleic acid). There's also an overall winner, based on the average of scores across the categories. This... Read post
Top Japanese Chef Reveals How to Cook A5 Kobe Beef
November 3rd, 2017 by Joe H. • Read 2,099 times • 1 min read
Recently I had the privilege of spending time with one of Japan's top Kobe Beef chefs, Mitsuo Yamamoto of Steak Sakura (2-11-14 Sennichimae, Chuo-ku Namba Daiichi Bldg. 1F, Osaka) to learn how to properly grill Kobe Beef and other A5 Wagyu (as you probably know by now, there are many types of A5 Wagyu, and Kobe is only one of them). I flew into Osaka, and Chef Yamamoto opened his restaurant early so we could cook. We walked together into the kitchen, and he produced a hunk of A5 Kobe Beef from a prize-winning steer that looked, frankly,... Read post
Introducing Wolfe Brothers Farm: Raising Angus beef on heritage grains
October 27th, 2017 by Caroline S. • Read 4,555 times • 2 min read
Kris and Tony Wolfe are the two brothers behind Wolfe Brothers Farms, a grass-fed, grain-finished cattle farm on the border of Pennsylvania and New York. Their pasture-based farming practice is built on a core philosophy: We simply say, 'Do unto others as you’d have them do to you.' It’s exactly the same with dirt and cows. We are blessed as we nurture and care for the land and animals that we are responsible for here on this Earth." - Kris Wolfe The farming tradition goes back seven generations in the Wolfe family, but Kris and Tony grew... Read post
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