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Touring Tasmania for craft meat

October 5th by Caitlin P. • Read 56 times • 3 min read

Robbins Island cattle being rotated across water As you know from our trips to Japan (Kagoshima in July and Kagawa in August) and Texas, we really like to visit our partner ranchers. We get to know the farmers and their practices, seeing them in action with their animals. That doesn't stop at the border. It's important to us to actually see the ranches, which is why we went to Tasmania to meet our newest partners and better understand just how unique Tasmanian beef is. These farms in Tasmania have an extremely lush climate and mild... Read post »

Craft meat is global and we're bringing it to you

October 3rd by Joe H. • Read 170 times • 2 min read

When Ethan and I started Crowd Cow a few years ago, we had a simple purpose: to find the best beef possible. For us, and to this day, that means seeking out the very best of small-scale, independent farms who are uncompromising in their dedication to flavor, quality and high ethical standards. That search led us to dozens of farms across the Pacific Northwest, where an abundance of rain leads to lush pastures and some of the best-tasting grass-fed, grass-finished beef in the country. We discovered the unique flavor profiles offered by... Read post »

Press Release: Crowd Cow Expands to Source Craft Meat from Independent Farms Around the World

October 3rd by Jon W. • Read 95 times • 2 min read

SEATTLE, October 3, 2018 – Crowd Cow, the marketplace for craft meat, has announced its plan to offer craft meat from around the world, beginning with today’s launch of Westmore Pastoral in Tasmania. Only Crowd Cow explores the farthest reaches of the world to bring the highest quality and best tasting craft meats directly to U.S. customers. “We believe that the best craft meats can be found in different locations around the world,” said Crowd Cow co-founder Joe Heitzeberg. “When we announced our national launch, we wanted to prove that we... Read post »

Craft Beef Around the World (Infographic)

October 3rd by Joe H. • Read 75 times • less than one min read

Unique varieties of craft meat can be found on the smallest of ranches all around the world. These high quality, delicious craft meats are often in areas that are hard to reach due to difficult supply chains, local regulations, language barriers, and many other challenges. Scouting out the very best farmers, building relationships with them, and sharing their outstanding craft meats is Crowd Cow’s specialty. Learn more about our global craft meet mission » Shop craft beef now » Read post »

A tasting flight to blow people's minds

September 28th by Joe H. • Read 172 times • 1 min read

The other day I had a special house guest, and I wanted to show them how exciting, delicious and easy-to-cook Craft Beef from Crowd Cow is -- better than anything sold anywhere else online, in stores or even in high end steak houses. So I reached into my freezer and pulled three New York steak cuts from three very different farms and breeds: a spectacularly marbled A5 Kuroge Washu striploin from Japan (raised in Kagoshima which earned the highest average score in Japan's Wagyu Olympics last year) an incredibly lean, yet absurdely tender... Read post »

Crowd Cow's 2018 Tech Impact Award - Seattle Business Magazine (Acceptance Speech)

September 25th by Joe H. • Read 328 times • 1 min read

The Tech Impact Awards recognize companies in Washington state that are using technology to have a significant impact on business, industry or society. This year, 17 companies out of over 100 entries were selected as finalists, and Crowd Cow took home an award in the Consumer/Retail category. Here is the full text of my acceptance speech. Crowd Cow started three-and-a-half years ago when a friend came to the office one day saying "I'm so excited! I'm getting my cow this Friday." He then went on to describe how much better the beef tasted... Read post »

8 Beef Cuts You Didn't Know You Needed to Try

September 20th by Caitlin P. • Read 537 times • 1 min read

Everyone knows that a good steak — and I'm talking a really good steak — is worth savoring every bite. But the whole cow offers a lot more than just filets and ribeyes. Today is all about eight cuts you didn't know you needed to try. Foodies everywhere, fork up. 8. Plate Ribs Plate Ribs come from the sternum area, below the go-to ribs. Plate Ribs carry a hefty layer of meat, packed with juicy flavor. They're a classic BBQ go-to and taste great on a smoker. 7. Stew Beef Kebabs, anyone? In the summer, skewer Stew Beef then grill for a... Read post »

Farm Dogs with Farm Jobs

September 13th by Caitlin P. • Read 231 times • 1 min read

Tailing the tractor at PasturebirdFarm work is no cakewalk. Farmers are up early every day and work until well after the sun goes down each night. Life on a farm means working on birthdays, holidays, and only taking a vacation if you have a trusted companion who can care for your animals while you’re away.But there is a bright spot in the lives of these farmers (well, other than their extreme passion in raising the highest quality craft meats and caring for the land they’re on!): farm dogs. These four-legged farm hands have jobs on the ranch... Read post »

Crowd Cow opens Turkey pre-sale for Thanksgiving

September 10th by Caitlin P. • Read 1,366 times • 1 min read

Seattle, Washington, September 2018 – We’re launching our annual Thanksgiving turkey pre-sale from the family-owned and operated Gunthorp Farms in LaGrange, Indiana. On September 10th, place your order for a humanely raised turkey that tastes great no matter how you cook it.By reserving your turkey early, you’re sure to get this fantastic bird in time for your holiday meal. We get our turkeys from a family farm that raises a limited flock each year, ensuring that these birds have open pastures to roam and forage. Because of this, we can only... Read post »

Stir Fry, Four Ways

September 7th by Caitlin P. • Read 403 times • less than one min read

When you need a nourishing meal that comes together quickly, look no further than stir fry! Fresh (or frozen) veggies, thinly sliced meat, and a light but flavorful sauce result in a great meal that doesn't take long to come together. With the right wok, a stir fry dinner is the perfect midweek pick-me-up. Here are some of our favorite stir-fry recipes. Mix and match the veggies to tailor the cuisine to your preferred taste. Just remember to turn the heat up! Stir fry works best when the wok is hot. Stir Fry Flank Steak with Mixed... Read post »