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What Else Makes Wagyu Different?

Genetics are only one factor behind great-tasting beef. Different climates, feeds and ranching practices also create variation in the meat. In all environments, provided that the animal is raised stress-free with good nutrition, Wagyu’s signature marbling and intense flavor will shine through. It’s why Crowd Cow visits, vets, and partners with ranches that provide the best conditions to their animals — to ensure the best practices for the highest-quality cuts.



Gifting Made Easy


Let them choose just what they want this holiday. Crowd Cow gift cards look great, ship for free, and feature a personalized gift note. For last-minute gifts, check out our convenient e-gift cards. We make it easy to give good food.


Save up to $30 on a Gift Order


Give a gift that your friends and family will truly enjoy. We’ve partnered with our farms to create amazing gift boxes that you can feel good about giving.