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Our Story

We believe in creating a meaningful connection between you and the food you eat.

Taste, transparency and convenience shouldn’t be mutually exclusive. This has been our founding belief since we started in 2015, and it continues to be the force that drives us.

It’s why we partner with ethical farms, fisheries and producers around the world. Source delicious, high-quality and more sustainable food. Share the stories of the producers we carry. And make our products easy to access, no matter where you live in the country.

This is the recipe for a great meal at home — food that’s better for you, better for the earth, better for the animals and better for the hardworking farmers, fishermen and producers behind it all. So come join the food transparency movement and taste the difference, because the difference tastes better.

Sourced with care

We find best-in-class producers and connect you to them – so you know exactly where your food comes from. That’s why we’re proud to tell the stories of the producers we source from and print their names right on the label.

Sourced with care

Quality you can taste

From free-range organic chicken to pasture-raised beef, we handpick and taste-test every product we sell so only the best reaches your table. It’s good food you can feel good about — simple, sustainable and 100% delicious.

Better for you and the planet

We’re committed to offering products that are better for you and the planet. We ship products frozen at peak freshness to reduce waste, use planet-first packaging, and offset the carbon emissions of every order — from the field to your doorstep.


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