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Heirloom chicken raised on pasture for superior taste. Flavorful, tender, juicy.

Janice C
Finally, a chicken that tastes like it should. Never dry or rubbery…..nothing but flavor -
Cindy L
My husband smokes this chicken and it is so juicy and delicious!! It even tastes cleaner than store bought chicken!
Cathy C
Flavor, Flavor, Flavor. Amazing in all my curry dishes or even grilled... NO more mass-produced chicken in this house.
Chicken Varieties

100% USDA Organic, 100% USDA Organic That are committed to raising chickens the right way through the most humane, clean and safe processes possible — ensuring a healthy source of nutrition for everyone at your table.This translates to chicken that’s tender, juicy and full of mouth-watering flavor.

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Pasture Raised Chicken that lives outside in a natural habitat on grass, with plenty of space to roam and forage. Heirloom chickens are a cross between heritage breeds, which are naturally slow-growing and develop healthier and happier on pasture. This directly translates to the health and flavor of the chicken: it’s packed with nutrients and is more flavorful, more tender, and juicer than anything you'll find at the grocery store.

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Organic Chicken 1

Better quality of life, Better taste

All of our organic chicken is traceable to a family farmer allowing people to see the passion and care that goes into raising our chickens. Our partner farmers are audited by third parties to ensure their chickens are USDA Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, Certified Humane, and Global Animal Partnership certified. The results of all of this hard work are a higher standard of living for our farmers, a better quality of life for our birds, and a more delicious chicken for you.

Farming for the Future

Farmer Focus is a pioneering brand that is revolutionizing the way chicken is raised. Founded by a sixth-generation farmer who witnessed the negative impact of traditional farming methods on both farmers and their flocks, Farmer Focus is dedicated to setting a new standard in chicken production. They are committed to supporting fair pay for farmers, prioritizing environmental sustainability, and implementing humane practices throughout their operations. With a deep understanding of the challenges faced by farmers and a passion for responsible agriculture, Farmer Focus is leading the way in providing high-quality, ethically sourced chicken while promoting the well-being of farmers, animals, and the planet.

Healthy Chicken
Chicken Blog Posts
Free Range vs Organic Chicken

Now, more than ever, people want answers — where does your food come from? And what kind of care is put into your food before it lands on the shelf? At Farmer Focus, they believe that customers should have these answers at their fingertips. That is why they provide free range and organic chicken that is 100% traceable to the farm where it was raised.

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How to Use the Whole Chicken

Whether you're roasting in the oven or breaking down for multiple meals, using the whole bird is a great way to make the most of your delicious, nutrient-rich, pasture-raised chicken.Chicken is versatile and can be used throughout the week for multiple meals. We just made the following four recipes using just one whole chicken.

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Chickens are coming!

Since we launched Crowd Cow just over 2 years ago, we’ve been committed to connecting our members with ranchers producing some of the best beef in the world, and making it as convenient as possible to support them. But we’ve always known there’s a huge opportunity to go beyond beef, applying those same values of transparency.

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Sriracha Chicken Wing Recipe

These are some of the best chicken wings I've ever had in my entire life. Pastured Chicken Wings from Pasturebird makes a huge difference, as does the creamy richness of the Manuka honey and tangy heat of the Sriracha Chili Sauce. Manuka honey is a superfood known to promote digestive and immune health, and it adds a special taste.

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Chicken Cooking Guides

Chicken Cut Stove/Oven Temp Avg Time Finish Temp
Breast Medium Heat (sear) 15 mins 165 °F
Thigh Medium Heat (sear) 20 mins 165 °F
Drumsticks 400 °F (oven) 30-50 mins 165 °F
Whole Chicken 350 °F (oven) 1.5 hrs 165 °F

Note: The above guidelines are only guard rails. Stove tops, grills, and ovens all vary. Cook times should also take into account thickness of meat. To achieve a perfectly cooked chicken, always check temperature intermittently; a meat thermometer comes in handy.

Chicken FAQ

What makes Crowd Cow chicken better?

When it comes to chicken, Crowd Cow is the best place to buy. We emphasize quality and taste above all else, and our transparency and sustainability practices are top-notch. Our customers love Crowd Cow for its high-quality, pasture-raised meats, and we're the only retailer that is 100% carbon neutral. We only work with farmers who share our commitment to quality and sustainability.

There are a few things to watch out for when purchasing chicken from other retailers. First, be sure to check the label to make sure the chicken is actually pasture-raised. Many grocery stores sell conventional chicken that is raised in overcrowded barns, which is not nearly as healthy or tasty as pasture-raised chicken. Second, be sure to avoid frozen chicken. Frozen chicken is often lower quality and has been sitting on the shelf for months. Finally, be sure to ask the butcher about the chicken's freshness. If the chicken has been sitting around for a while, it won't taste as good as fresh chicken.

Can you cook frozen chicken without thawing it?

Yes! You can safely cook frozen chicken, but you’ll need to increase your cooking time by at least 50%. Since the cooking time is substantially longer, we don’t recommend cooking larger cuts (like whole chicken) from frozen.

Once thawed, how long will chicken stay good for?

If the chicken is thawed in the refrigerator, you don't have to cook it right away; it can be safely kept in the fridge for an additional 1 to 2 days.

What is the difference between pasture-raised and free range chickens?

Pasture-raised chickens are raised outside, always on open grass pastures with plenty of space to roam and forage for bugs, worms, grasses, seeds, and more in their natural habitat. Packed full of rich flavor and nutrients, these chickens are higher in omega-3s as well as vitamins A, D, and E, and lower in fat than most any other chicken.

Free range, organic chicken have outdoor access with space to forage on bugs, grubs and greens as well as nutritious 100% Organic, non-GMO feed their entire lives. Our free range chicken is raised with these same practices, but their feed is not Certified Organic.

All the chicken we offer is free of unnecessary antibiotics and added growth hormones.

Is anything added to the cuts, such as salt flavoring?

Our regular chicken cuts — like whole chickens, breasts and thighs — contains no additives or salt flavoring. Our chicken sausages contain added ingredients, like herbs and spices, but do not contain preservatives or fillers. Full ingredient lists by product type can be found here.

What is Crowd Cow's freezing process?

Crowd Cow's chicken is not flash frozen. Some processors use blast freezers, which freeze in a couple of hours. Others use standard freezers, frozen on racks. In both cases, chicken is frozen at peak freshness to retain high quality and moisture.

We believe in creating a meaningful connection between you and the food you eat. Taste, transparency and convenience shouldn’t be mutually exclusive. This has been our founding belief since we started in 2015, and it continues to be the force that drives us.
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