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An Exceptional Eating Experience, Guaranteed

Australian grass-fed beef is renowned worldwide for its exceptional quality and consistency — and there’s a good reason for it. Unlike the US grading system — which primarily accounts for marbling levels — the Meat Standards Australian grading system (MSA) places a bigger emphasis on the entire eating experience, from juiciness, flavor, and tenderness of the beef. This comprehensive system analyzes a number of attributes such as meat color, marbling, fat depth, breed, maturity and even pH, to then give an eating quality grade scored out of 100. This ensures only the very best beef reaches your table — a meal full of mouth-watering flavor with a balanced texture of both bite and tenderness.

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Better Grasses, Better Beef

Australia has an abundance of lush, native pasturelands that creates the ideal environment for raising cattle. With ample room to graze and time to mature slowly on open range, herds stay healthy, strong and stress-free naturally. Farmers take great care to ensure the land and soil flourish for the future of their ranches and their livestock — which ultimately translates to the health and taste of the product. Rich, full-bodied and naturally lean, grass-fed beef is also high in B vitamins, zinc, iron and protein, and has more omega-3 fatty acids than its grain-finished counterpart. With the perfect harmony of both flavor and nutrition, Australian grass-fed beef is consistently what steak aficionados turn to time and time again.

Cooking Grass-Fed Beef

Because it’s naturally leaner and low in fat, grass-fed beef is easier to overcook (it can actually cook up to 30% faster than grain-finished beef!). For this reason, we recommend rubbing oil onto your steaks before seasoning, or basting them with butter while cooking. This will help lock in moisture and give it a perfect sear. It’s also important to use a meat thermometer to test for doneness. To account for carryover cooking, remove your steaks from the heat at about 5 degrees lower than your ideal temperature — the internal temp will continue to rise while your steaks rest!

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