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Olive Wagyu

Indulge in the world’s rarest wagyu, Olive Wagyu from Shodoshima Island, Japan, first imported to the US by Crowd Cow. Custom-finished on olives, each cut of Olive Wagyu is a masterpiece, featuring unmatched quality, exquisite taste, and fine-grain marbling for an unparalleled culinary experience.

One of the best steaks I’ve had. I’ve had American Waygu, Australian Waygu, Japanese Waygu, Kobe you name it. This was probably the best if not the best cut I’ve had.
Kyle C.
Olive Wagyu is the best Wagyu I have ever had. It does not compare to the others. Shout out to Crowd Cow for an experience I will never forget.
James C.
The most amazing steak I've ever had and had the opportunity to cook.
Kellen M.
Incredibly, delicious experience to enjoy such a rare cut of beef! Fourth of July for your taste buds. One steak is enough for 2-3 people to enjoy because the rich umami flavor.
Doc S.

The first to bring Olive Wagyu to the US

The One and Only Olive Wagyu

Raised on upcycled, toasted olive pulp on Shodoshima Island, Olive Wagyu is the world’s rarest Wagyu with just 2,000 cattle. Available in tightly limited quantities, Olive Wagyu is hard to find even in Japan. Renowned for its exquisite flavor and superior marbling, Olive Wagyu is rich in heart-healthy oleic acid, winning the top prize for "best fat" at Japan's Wagyu Olympics.

Olive Wagyu Steak Flights

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A5 vs. A4 Wagyu

In Japan, A4 and above define the luxury standard for Wagyu, including Kobe beef. A4, the choice of true connoisseurs, offers a balanced experience with deeper beefy flavors without overwhelming richness. A5, the pinnacle of Japanese Wagyu, boasts unmatched richness, satisfying with just a slice or two. It's a prized delicacy and a decadent treat for special occasions.

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