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Japanese Wagyu Prefectures

Award-winning A5 Wagyu, exquisite marbling and flavor, ultimate indulgence.

Kagoshima Farms

Kagoshima Wagyu is an emerging favorite amongst Wagyu connoisseurs, prized for its full-bodied, robust flavor, tenderness and consistent marbling. Raised on Japan's southern subtropical island, Kyushu, Kagoshima Wagyu is the most recent winner of Japan's Wagyu Olympics, celebrated for its unparalleled level of quality and consistency. Kagoshima Wagyu cattle are raised in a warm climate with plenty of sun, producing superior meat quality.

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Olive Wagyu

Raised on upcycled, toasted olive pulp by a handful of farmers in a tiny, remote area of Japan. With only 2000 cattle in existence, Olive Wagyu is nearly impossible to get ― and when available it sells out quickly. So rare, it’s hard to find even in Japan.

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Miyazaki Wagyu

Miyazakigyu was the first Wagyu to win the Prime Minister award at Japan's Wagyu Olympics three consecutive times as well as the top overall prize two times in a row — a testament to Miyazakigyu's recognition at Japan’s national level and beyond. Miyazakigyu is celebrated for its deep flavor, subtle sweetness, beautiful cherry color and intricate marbling. Raised on Kyushu Island, Miyazakigyu enjoy a subtropical climate with long hours of sunshine, fed high-quality spring water, yielding beef that is consistently of the highest quality.

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Shinshu Wagyu

Shinshu Wagyu is one of the highest quality and rarest beef in the world. With only 300 head of cattle imported to the United States each year, Shinshu Wagyu is truly a rare treat. The small farm operation raises Tajima Wagyu using a proprietary finishing method incorporating a diet of Nagano apples, which produces an exquisite Wagyu with subtle tasting notes of apple and melon.

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