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How to thaw frozen meat

by Joe Heitzeberg

Co-founder and CEO of Crowd Cow. I love our producers and our customers. Follow me on Instagram at @jheitzeb.

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The best way to thaw frozen meat is by leaving it overnight
in the fridge. Although it may not be the fastest way (compared to submerging it in cool water + changing the water every 30 minutes), the longevity of this process allows for an even thaw and in turn, keeps the food out of the 'danger zone' (40F-140F).

On the other hand, we've come to be big fans of not defrosting at all before cooking beef. Except for Wagyu, which has fat that is known to melt at room temperature, it's certainly easier, and many experts say better to cook beef directly from their frozen state.

Check out Want The Best Steak Of Your Life? Don't Thaw The Steaks Before Cooking Them and How to Grill a Frozen Burger for helpful tips and techniques.

For steaks, I often defrost for 2 or 3 minutes by putting the steaks (still in their vacuum-seal wrap) in a pot of lukewarm water just so the surface defrosts a bit and takes salting more easily.

Also, the USDA has things to say about how to safely thaw, so check that out too: USDA Guidelines on Thawing Meat.


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