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Pork Tenderloin
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★★★★★ The tenderloins were sooo juicy and flavorful! — Kim B. of Chicago, Illinois ★★★★★ The tenderloins were sooo juicy and flavorful! — Kim B. of Chicago, Illinois


Pork Tenderloin Butcher Guide Graphic

Pork Tenderloin Butcher Guide

Pork tenderloin is a lean cut of meat from the back of the pig. It's a long, cylindrical muscle that lies alongside the backbone. It's usually cut into steaks or medallions. It can be roasted whole, or cut into pieces and used in stews and casseroles.

Pork Tenderloin Cooking Guide

Top Pork Tenderloin recipes include Pork Tenderloin with Rosemary and Garlic, Pork Tenderloin with Apple Chutney, and Pork Tenderloin with Spicy Mustard Sauce.

Method Cooking Temp Roast Time Safe Temp
Bake 450°F 15-20 mins 145°F
Smoke 275°F 2.5 - 3 hrs 145°F
Grill 500°F 10-15 mins 145°F

Note: The above guidelines are only guardrails. Average time depends on size/amount of meat. Stoves and pans vary in performance as well; so to achieve perfectly cooked pork tenderloin, check temperature regularly within above time frames.


Pork Tenderloin FAQ

What temp should I cook pork tenderloin?

The USDA recommends cooking pork chops, pork roasts, and pork tenderloin to a minimum internal temperature 145° F - and allow it to rest for a minumum of 3 minutes.

How long do you cook pork tenderloin per pound?

How long you cook your tenderloin per pound, depends on the temp at which you're cooking the roast. A cooking temp of 325 °F on average takes about 25 minutes per pound while a cooking temp of 400-450 °F can take an average of 15-20 minutes per pound.

How long do you cook a pork tenderloin at 325 °F?

At 325 °F a tenderloin will need to cook for about 25 minutes per pound, or until the internal temperature reaches 145 °F.

How do you rest a pork tenderloin?

Let your pork tenderloin rest by placing it on a cutting board and loosely tent it with foil. Let rest for 5 and 10 minutes.