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About Hidden River Farms

Evan Mulvaney and Lucia Wyss are two of the most awesome young farmers we’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. They co-own and run Hidden River Farm in Grays Harbor County, Washington State. On their regeneratively farmed land, the pair co-parent several hundred heritage breed hogs along with some cows and chickens. Their heritage pork is fed Organic, homegrown barley and peas, and has developed a reputation for amazing flavor and vitamin D content. Evan and Lucia’s mission is simple: to be an inspiration to other young farmers.

Hidden River Couple

New Way of Farming

“While growing excellent food, stewarding the land, and providing a living wage to our employees, we also want to inspire other young people to join us in agriculture,”
Evan grew up on a small, horse-powered farm in upstate New York, where he fell in love with all things food and livestock.

“I grew up with the smell of fresh dirt and rain on a freshly tilled field,” he
recalls. “I just have that passion in my heart for tilling soil.”

His commitment to regenerative agriculture was born at a young age too, while he watched his father farm.

Hidden RIver Farms

Family Traditions

“My dad believed you should never separate crops and livestock, because if you export hay off a given acre you’ve foreclosed on fertility. And if you have a cow out there in the fields, it’ll leave behind fertility in the form of manure. So that was our thinking for our grain and hog operation. Growing Certified Organic grains along with hogs, our fields are actually increasing in fertility year to year.”

Lucia and Evan are looking forward to many long years working on their farm in Western Washington.

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