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Pasture-Raised Heritage Pork Pasture-Raised Heritage Pork

Klingeman Family Farm

Paul Klingeman | Ephrata, WA

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Klingeman Family Farm

Sustainable Excellence

Situated among the drylands of Eastern Washington - just outside the city of Ephrata - resides a land where pigs move about freely, raised in open areas and large hoop structures bedded in fresh straw to offer shelter from the elements. Pigs wander, sniff, eat and sleep safely under the protection of Paul Klingeman Sr. and Paul Jr., the farmers behind the Klingeman family‘s Pure Country Farms. Meticulous care and sustainable farming methods earned the Klingeman’s a Food Alliance Certification back in 2007 - making it the first pork farm to receive the honor. The focus on sustainability since this landmark certification has always been at the forefront as Pure Country Farms is deeply committed to using the most sustainable and healthy farming practices.

Fresh Just Tastes Better

Fresh bedding, fresh food, and freshwater are the secret ingredients to raising better tasting pork; Klingeman Family Farm has operated by this rule for generations. You’ll find no antibiotics, no added hormones, no growth stimulants and no animal by-products used on this farm. Instead, Paul utilizes locally grown, non-GMO grown grains to grow his animals. If you want flavorful pork raised by nature, you'll want to try pork from Klingeman Family Farm.

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