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Fullblood Wagyu
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A Reputation of Excellence

True Grit Cattle Company has been around for 100 years — a fifth-generation family farm — and has an ardent goal of raising the very best fullblood Wagyu cattle. Bob McConnell’s great grandfather built the homestead in 1918, and today, with his daughter Madeleine joining the family business, continue building on the success of the past while raising the bar for the future. Located about an hour north of Pittsburgh in Slippery Rock, PA, their farm has earned a reputation of excellence, their beef well-loved for its rich flavor, tenderness and buttery finish. “Customers tell us that ours is the best they’ve had in decades — not years. Decades,” says Bob. “Which is why we keep doing what we’re doing. We love providing a product that people are ecstatic about.”

True Grit Wagyu

Non-GMO Pasture-Raised

True Grit’s pasture-raised Wagyu cattle graze on hilly acres of clover, orchard grass and fescue and are rotated weekly to help maintain the health of the land. Their fullblood Wagyu come from some of the finest marbling genetics that originated in Japan, and mature naturally without antibiotics or hormones. Wagyu are finished on a homegrown, non-GMO grain blend of corn, barley, rolled oats and baleage to further develop the deep flavor and evenly dispersed marbling they’re known for. Grains are grown on their own farms without any pesticides, ensuring only the best, all-natural feed is used — something that customers appreciate. “They enjoy knowing that our beef is not only extremely high quality in the beef industry but it also gives them comfort in knowing where it comes from and what goes into it!” says Madeleine.

True Grit Farm

Family Pride and Hard Work

Family is a core value of True Grit and they take immense pride in their farm, animals and product, working as a unit to improve year after year. In the summertime, Bob and his father still do farm labor side by side — something of a tradition now and a chance to spend quality time together. Even now that Bob’s dad is retired, he can’t stay away for too long. “Farming has always been a part of our lives,” says Bob. “Growing up, our farm didn’t have all the bells and whistles, so we were out there doing a lot of the labor together — and this is where I learned the value of family and hard work.” These beliefs have shaped True Grit into what it is today and set the foundation for success, keeping it thriving for years to come.

True Grit - Farm & ATV

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