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Japanese Wagyu Grading

Marbling and the BMS Grading System

Marbling, the dispersion of delicate white intramuscular fats within the red meat, defines the luxurious texture of Wagyu Beef. Through generations of meticulous breeding and dietary management, Wagyu cattle achieve their distinctive marbling. Graded on a scale from 1 to 12, with 12 epitomizing the pinnacle of quality, Wagyu at this level transcends mere food—it becomes a masterpiece!

To earn the coveted "A5 Wagyu" designation, the beef must meet two stringent criteria: it must be raised in Japan and attain the highest rating from the Japanese Meat Grading Association. For context, even the top-tier USDA Prime beef, esteemed in the US, typically falls within the 4 or 5 marbling score range, showcasing the exceptional standard of A5 Wagyu.

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