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The Candy of the Sea

Mildly sweet, buttery and delicately tender, natural dry scallops from New Bedford, MA are truly the gold standard in the seafood world, preferred by chefs and shellfish lovers alike. Slightly bigger than a silver dollar with a light, pearly-white or pink hue, these scallops are shucked and packed on ice immediately after harvest with absolutely no chemicals added — leagues better than the wet scallops you primarily find at your supermarket. Because they’re not brined in a water solution like wet scallops, dry scallops won’t release a lot of liquid or shrink in size when cooking. Instead, they sear beautifully with a delicious, caramelized crust — maintaining the consistent, firm texture and clean, fresh flavor they’re known for.

Paulette Phlipot

Bountiful Coastal Waters

The seafood industry is imprinted in New Bedford’s identity, from the maritime landmarks to the weathered but vibrant working docks. Once the center of the whaling industry in the 19th century, the livelihood of the town has shifted over the years but still turns to the sea as its primary economic driver. New Bedford is one of the oldest seaports in the country and a town renowned for its bountiful coastal waters — abundant with some of the very best fish in the world, including sea scallops. Fisherman set sail from the port for week-long trips to gather these prized shellfish off the rocky ocean floor, and bring them back to offload at fish markets along the waterfront for sale. This generations-long tradition continues to be a rich part of the city’s culture — and sustainable fish management ensures this practice for years to come.

New Bedford Port

Traceable Transparency

One hundred percent of the scallops are sourced from the New Bedford Seafood Auction, one of the main markets in New Bedford — where scallops are individually inspected to ensure outstanding quality. Our scallops are also 100% traceable. Using state-of-the-art technology, you can instantly see the name of the boat that caught your scallops plus the date and location of delivery just by scanning the QR code on your package. This transparency removes the barriers of uncertainty when it comes to the food you put on your table, verifying the catch and guaranteeing you’re getting the very best product available.


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