Rich Wheeler of Sena Sea

His Boat. His Hook. Your Fish. His Boat. His Hook. Your Fish.

“This catch, caught on my longline boat, is just incredible.” - Rich Wheeler

Copper River Salmon: Is it the World’s best salmon or just marketing hype?

Spot on in freshness and flavor. We just finished the Copper River Salmon and wished we bought more while it was available!
— Stacy H of Seattle, Washington

Fresh vs Frozen Seafood

Unless you’re pulling it off the dock yourself, the chance that you’re eating fish that has never been frozen is extremely rare. Most fresh fish these days is previously frozen at some point and then thawed by the time it hits the shelf. Freezing fish up front pauses it at peak freshness which maintains the quality of the product. If it’s frozen properly, like how Rich and Sena Sea do it, it actually preserves the quality of the product better than 99% of the “fresh” product on the market today.

About Sena Sea

The glacial blue depths of Alaska’s Prince William Sound is known for its abundance of marine life. The perfect marriage of quality and experience, we put our trust in Rich and Sena Wheeler, of family-owned Sena Sea, to bring you this incredible salmon and halibut ― the same fish the Sena Sea family has been enjoying for three generations.
The name Sena Sea is a play on words and named after Sena C. Wheeler, whose family has been fishing out of the Pacific Northwest, ever since her grandfather immigrated from Norway to Seattle’s Old Ballard neighborhood. The family tradition of fishing, her grandfather likes to say, probably goes back “300 more generations” in Norway. Rich, who does half the fishing for Sena Sea, strives to pass the tradition of sustainable and respectful fishing to the next generation, so he takes the family out on the boat ― the Miss CamiLou, named for his and Sena’s two daughters ― whenever he can.

Wild Alaskan Seafood caught by Rich Wheeler, a pro with 20+ years of sustainable fishing under his belt.


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