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Oiishi shrimp hero
Oishii Shrimp

Through sustainable small-batch farming, Oishii Shrimp are harvested using proprietary pond construction, advanced techniques, and rigorous water quality control. Arriving live, they're processed by hand immediately to ensure unmatched quality—setting Oishii Shrimp apart with a level of care unmatched in the market.

See why Oishii Shrimp is a customer favorite

Oishii shrimp was delicious and easy to work with. Cooked it scampi style and flavor was clean with a meaty texture. Recommend
Joseph R.
I cooked these sous-vide, and they were fabulous — some of the best shrimp I've eaten. And I loved that they had already been deveined.
Greg J.
Excellent flavor, very easy to peel and very clean, a keeper for us here.
Alberta K.
Loved these, ordered 6 more bags (!) after we tried them!
Christopher M.
Rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars

Taste the Oishii Difference

Oishii Shrimp stands out in the realm of culinary delights, captivating chefs and connoisseurs alike with its exceptional taste and all-natural essence. As a true testament to the power of nature, these shrimps are cultivated in a fantastic environment, nurtured with the utmost care, and nourished with quality feed. The result is a mesmerizing symphony of flavors that tantalize the palate and provide an experience that is nothing short of awe-inspiring. Oishii Shrimp's commitment to being all natural, devoid of chemicals, antibiotics, and hormones, reflects their unwavering dedication to product quality from the very beginning. With a texture that tells the story of its pristine upbringing, these shrimps offer a culinary canvas for chefs to create masterpieces that transcend ordinary boundaries.

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A Feast for the Eyes

Oishii Shrimp isn't just a taste; it's a visual and gastronomic masterpiece. The meticulous process of farming and nurturing these shrimps goes beyond conventional methods. From exceptional living conditions to quality feed, every detail contributes to a shrimp that is more than just a protein—it's a work of art. The touch of minimal salt treatment, combined with the purity of an all-natural approach, results in flavors that are not only savored but also vividly visualized. Oishii Shrimp elevates the dining experience by offering a taste that transcends imagination and sets a new standard for excellence.

Revolutionizing Shrimp Excellence

Oishii Aquaculture's groundbreaking journey challenges conventions in shrimp cultivation for an era of excellence. Departing from tradition, OISHII shrimp are harvested live for immediate processing, guaranteeing unparalleled taste and texture. With farms just minutes from production facilities, Oishii prioritizes ultimate freshness. Upon arrival, shrimp undergo swift, humane processing through water baths near 0°C, ensuring their renowned quality. This remarkable journey—from live shrimp to factory—marks a true revolution in seafood production.

Sustaining Tomorrow's Seafood

At Oishii Shrimp, sustainability isn't a mere aspiration; it's an unwavering pledge to create a brighter future. As a pivotal contributor to the flourishing landscape of sustainable aquaculture, Oishii's steadfast dedication to sustainability is epitomized by their wholehearted adherence to the rigorous standards of Best Aquaculture Practices. This commitment stands as a testament to their role as trailblazers in conscientious harvesting and management methods. Furthermore, Oishii's resolute commitment to sustainability is underscored by their prestigious 3-star Best Aquaculture Practices certification, serving as a validation of their ongoing dedication to forging a more sustainable and promising future.