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Scrumptious Seafood Made Easy

Simple, healthy and delicious is what you’ll find with My Fish Dish — a collection of ready-to-cook seafood options that make cooking fish at home a breeze! All My Fish Dish products are sustainably harvested and produced by Bristol Seafood — a family-owned and operated seafood company located right on the Portland, ME waterfront. A team of top chefs developed the recipes for these dishes, using classic flavors like lemon and herb butter and sesame teriyaki to elevate your Atlantic and Sockeye Salmon, Scallops and Cod entrées and give you that restaurant-quality experience at home.

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No Prep Needed

Adding seafood into your diet is not only a healthy choice (it’s high in protein, omega-3s, vitamins and minerals) but an easy choice because of how quick it is to prepare. In less than an hour, you can thaw and cook your fish and have a sustainably-sourced, perfectly portioned and mouthwatering meal on your table — no prep work needed. Cooking instructions are also included right on the label, taking the guesswork and stress out of your meal planning.

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