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Bristol Seafood Hero
Bristol Seafood

Maine is the gateway to the freshest seafood on earth. It’s also the home of Bristol Seafood, a locally owned certified B Corp based in the heart of Portland, Maine’s waterfront.

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Sustainably Harvested

Eating more seafood has the power to improve your health, reverse trends contributing to climate change, and preserve our freshwater resources. Bristol Seafood makes it simple for you to eat it more often by sourcing from quality, sustainable fisheries and responsibly producing seafood you love at their plants in Maine. Bristol Seafood invites you to join their mission to make seafood America’s favorite protein.

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The Candy of the Sea

Treat yourself to what scallop enthusiasts refer to as “the candy of the sea”. Bristol Seafood Wild Atlantic Sea Scallops are all-natural, so they sear up beautifully and have a sweet, authentic flavor. Enjoy consistent high quality - all Bristol scallops are hand graded, carefully inspected, and hand finished - no pieces or splits. Sweet, delicate, and buttery, these scallops have a firmer texture than crab and lobster and can be prepared by grilling, pan-searing, broiling, or baking.

Cooked Scallops

Bristol Seafood