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Ōra King Salmon

Sometimes referred to as the wagyu of the seafood world, Ōra King Salmon is the preferred seafood choice of top chefs around the world.

The Wagyu of the Seafood World

Selective and meticulous breeding has led to this ultra-premium fish — sometimes referred to as the wagyu of the seafood world. Fish are chosen so that only those with the best taste, texture, color and size are carried toward the next generation, and each is carefully graded and hand-selected for quality. This is truly the best of the best where only salmon that represent the finest attributes of the breed earn the label “Ora King.” Considered more delicate and smooth-tasting than Atlantic and Coho varieties, Ora King Salmon has large flakes and an almost silky texture due to its naturally high oil content. Ribbons of marbling stand out on the bright orange flesh, which boasts a balanced profile of both sweet and umami flavors. The incredible marbling throughout the flesh of the fish also gives it a rich, soft and buttery mouthfeel with skin that crisps up beautifully, making it the preferred seafood choice of top chefs around the world.

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Best of Breed from the Purest Waters

King, or Chinook, Salmon is an incredibly rare species making up less than one percent of the world’s salmon supply — but it is consistently known as the highest quality of salmon you can buy. In 1996, New Zealand King Salmon Co. began their aquaculture operation to bring this fish to more people and has since developed one of the finest breeding programs in the world, have produced nine generations of King Salmon. Today, Ora King Salmon is even independently recognized as a unique breed! Fish are bred and born inland in spring-fed hatcheries, then moved to sea pens in the cool, pure waters of Marlborough Sound of New Zealand. This process emulates the natural life cycle of the fish — from fresh to saltwater.

Ora King Farm

A Sustainable Choice

Ora in Maori means “fresh and alive” — words with deep significance to New Zealand King Salmon Co. They firmly believe in resource sustainability to ensure that water passing into the hatchery comes out just as clean and clear. There’s also a strong connection between the marine environment and the native Kiwi people, who are involved in decision-making when it comes to resource consent of the aquaculture operation. New Zealand King Salmon Co.'s goal is to raise King Salmon in the most sustainable way possible with high regards to fish health and welfare. Some ways they do this is by keeping low-density marine net pens — where 98% of the space is water — and using a nutritionally balanced feed that's certified non-GMO and from sustainable sources. This contains everything they need to thrive and grow, and nothing else. They're also certified under the Global Aquaculture Alliance for ‘Best Aquaculture Practices,’ certified by the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC-certified), and endorsed with the 'Best Choice/Green' purchase rating by the reputable Monterey Bay Aquarium's consumer guide, Seafood Watch.

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