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Actual Veggies
100% Plant Based Burgers

Why Actual Veggies

Actual Veggies makes naturally colorful, delicious, and filling chef-crafted veggie burgers that are packed with wholesome ingredients you can actually see and pronounce! Unlike other plant-based meats, Actual Veggies’ burgers taste like veggies – making them a tasty option for anyone (meat-eaters and vegans) who likes veggies and looking for a healthier alternative to traditional burgers.

Go Beyond the Bun

Made with just veggies, beans, and spices -with absolutely no oil, fillers, or preservatives. Each thick cut burger is a quarter pound and has 6-8 grams of clean protein and 8-10 grams of fiber with no saturated fat.

While it’s delicious enjoyed as a classic burger- don’t be afraid to go beyond the bun! Use the patty to on top of a salad, crumbled into a taco or even rolled into balls with pasta!

How To Cook

If purchased frozen, let your Actual Burgers thaw out in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours and consume within 10 days.
Expect crunchy on the outside & indulgent on the inside!

  • Grill - 5 Minutes on each side
  • Oven - 425° for 12-14 Minutes
  • Stove - 5 Minutes Each Side
  • Air Fry - 400° for 8 Minutes, Flip Halfway

Shelf Life

Our patties remain fresh in the refrigerator for up to 10 days and can be frozen for up to 15 months.

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