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Miyazaki Gyu

Each luscious bite of this A5 Japanese Wagyu offers the ultimate trifecta of taste, tenderness and texture, making it an unforgettable meal to share.

Miyazaki's Wagyu Olympic Legacy

The National Competitive Exhibition of Wagyu, also known as the "Wagyu Olympics," is a prestigious event held once every five years, bringing together the finest Wagyu cattle from across Japan. With a history spanning 56 years since its inception in 1966, this grand competition has become a symbol of excellence in the Wagyu industry. Remarkably, Miyazaki wagyu has achieved an extraordinary feat by securing the Prime Minister's Award, the highest accolade, four consecutive times at this esteemed exhibition.

History-Making Wagyu

Miyazaki, known for its distinctive snowflake-like marbling and melt-in-your-mouth tenderness, holds a rich tradition of Wagyu excellence. As the first to win the Prime Minister's award at the Wagyu Olympics and top overall prize, Miyazaki's acclaim extends nationally and globally. It pioneered wagyu exports to the U.S., where its well-balanced meat quality and intramuscular fat gained popularity. This harmony not only elevates the overall eating experience but also allows for the full enjoyment of rich, umami-packed bursts of flavor

A Culinary Trifecta

Miyazaki Wagyu, cherished by chefs and connoisseurs for its intricate marbling and exceptional mouthfeel, stands out in the culinary realm. With two appearances at the Governor’s Ball, the exclusive Oscars after-party, chosen by Wolfgang Puck, its esteemed reputation is widely acknowledged. Indulge in each luscious bite for a culinary trifecta – a perfect balance of taste, tenderness, and texture, creating a rich and unforgettable shared meal. To savor the adoration and fame of Miyazaki Wagyu, simply salt, sear, and relish this exquisite wagyu experience.

From an Artisan Legacy

In Japan's southern Kyushu region, Miyazaki boasts an ideal climate for raising Kuroge Washu cattle. Nestled amidst mountains, the cattle graze on vitamin-packed vegetation in fertile volcanic soil, developing the renowned intricate marbling. Many farmers, spanning generations, take immense pride in their craft, forming a legacy. Miyazaki was among the first in Japan to establish a cooperative, upholding breeding excellence in Wagyu. This co-op, recognizing artisan qualities and dedication, continues to contribute to Miyazaki's reputation for some of the world's finest beef.

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