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An Elevated Culinary Experience

Mishima Reserve’s beef has a richness, maltiness and supreme beefy flavor that sets it apart from a normal steak, offering a melt-in-your-mouth, umami-filled bite from start to finish. The fat renders when cooking, creating a superior crust and sear, which, coupled with the tenderness of wagyu, generates a perfect harmony of textures. This culinary experience is why Kurt Beecher Dammeier served Mishima Reserve American Wagyu at his own restaurants, and he soon fell in love with the health components of it as well. “Customers can taste the difference instantly,” says Kurt. As a prolific restaurateur with a list of culinary ventures under his belt — including Seattle’s iconic Beecher’s Handmade Cheese — Kurt jumped at the opportunity to partner with Mishima Reserve and bring the incredible quality beef to an even greater audience, from the menus of some of the world’s finest restaurants to your kitchen table.

Rooted in Japanese Tradition

Mishima Reserve is comprised of a handpicked network of over 50 family farms spanning across the western U.S. — each committed to raising their herds in the most humane and stress-free way possible. Ranching practices are rooted in Japanese tradition with a focus on quality and health over efficiency. Cattle mature slowly and naturally on a precise diet of grasses and grains, taking the time to develop the superior characteristics of wagyu without use of hormones or unnecessary antibiotics. Herds consist of a cross of 100% Japanese Kuroge-washu and American cattle — a combination that produces beef with a classic, robust flavor that tastes and eats like a steak, as well as the superior marbling, tenderness and health qualities loved in Wagyu. “You get the best of both worlds here. You can have a smaller piece of higher quality beef and have a phenomenal eating experience,” says Kurt.

Quality and Sustainability

Mishima Reserve takes great care to ensure that their herds are raised in environmentally responsible ways, and actively offsets the carbon emissions through a tree planting initiative with Eden Projects. As part of this initiative, they plant over 500,000 Mangrove trees a year in Madagascar, which removes CO2 from the air, creates jobs for this region, as well as rebuilds one of the most biologically diverse places on earth — providing homes to hundreds of thousands of plant and animal species. Mishima Reserve believes that a key component of quality involves sustainability — and prioritizing carbon neutrality is a great step forward for today as well as for the future of the company. It ensures customers can enjoy the rich, delectable flavors of Mishima Reserve American Wagyu for years to come.

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