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Eco-Smart Practices

Austin Allred of Royal Ranch leads the way on the sustainable and regenerative agriculture front. His roots in farming trace back to his grandparents, who started off growing apples, cherries and potatoes in the 50s. Today, Royal Ranch’s 5,000 acres in Central Washington still include this traditional crop agriculture as well as dairy and beef cattle raising, which work in synergy to create better soil while cutting down on greenhouse gases. They even dedicate six of those acres to a worm bed — which actually act as a filtration system for the farm's dirty water, cleaning it and recycling it to use for crop irrigation. These combined efforts have allowed them to achieve complete carbon neutrality — protecting the land and planet for generations to come.

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Humane Care for Better Beef

Royal Ranch’s cattle are with them from the day they’re born, so Allred and his family truly have the best insight into their care. They use a high-quality feed of 9 key ingredients (most only use 3) for better-balanced nutrition and cow comfort, ensuring cattle stay healthy naturally without use of artificial hormones or unnecessary antibiotics. This, along with a low-stress environment, helps their cattle grow at their own pace — the way nature intended — and develop the distinctive marbling Royal Ranch’s beef is known for.

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Total Transparency

Austin and his wife Camille recognized the disconnect between the farm, the consumer and everything in between, and wanted to give others a way to truly know where their food is coming from. It was this objective that started FarmTracer — a total farm transparency system that allows you to learn more about what you’re putting on your plate, from the location of the farm and diet of the animals to the carbon footprint of the product as a whole. Simply scan the QR code on the packaging for complete transparency and traceability.

Farm Tracer: Royal Ranch


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